02 June, 2022

Northbridge Grade 5 mark the end of PYP with a superb Exhibition

Northbridge Grade 5 mark the end of PYP with a superb Exhibition-Northbridge Grade 5 mark the end of PYP with a superb Exhibition-IMG_2506
Northbridge Grade 5 mark the end of PYP with a superb Exhibition
The Grade 5 Exhibition is the culmination of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) at Northbridge International School Cambodia and an opportunity for students to research and problem solve in a collaborative group, drawing upon and extending their skills, knowledge, strengths, passions and interests in order to make a positive difference to others and the wider world.

It is an experience enabling students to exhibit attributes of the IB learner profile. The Exhibition journey is an opportunity for students to demonstrate the application of the IB Mission Statement through the Learner Profile and to put into practice the ATLs which are the building blocks of learning. 

This year’s transdisciplinary theme was ‘Sharing the Planet’ and the central idea was ‘Passion inspires change and action’. Students built on their interests from the previous unit on ‘Changemakers’ to think about the some positive action that they could take to make a difference to their chosen issue or problem.

This action ranged from asking the canteen to swap from using plastic to paper to wrap their sandwiches, persuading staff to switch to using electric vehicles, distributing air-purifying plants to classrooms, organizing a clothing drive to support local children in need and designing a bee hotel. 

In addition to the action component, another big focus this year was on the creative expression element which the students used to reflect the research that they had done of their area of passion. Again, the scope was diverse and imaginative with visual art, sculpture, animation, collage, working models and reusing materials such as wood 

The students worked in small groups for the most part and then presented their research, action and creativity across 2 days to not only the Northbridge community, but also to visiting students from other schools who came to see and in turn be inspired themselves.

If we truly believe that ‘children are our future’ then what better way to harness and showcase their potential than this wonderful Grade 5 PYP Exhibition.