Ross Clarke
10 June, 2022

How the House system at Northbridge is growing from strength to strength

How the House system at Northbridge is growing from strength to strength
We have had such a great year at Northbridge International School Cambodia and the House System is really up and running under our House Leaders Ms Camille, Mr Kosal, Mr Paraic and Mr Z.

We have had many events throughout the year trying to promote a sense of student belonging to their House, encouraging teamwork, healthy competition and community responsibility. 


The Primary school have competed in Sports Days, STEAM competitions, clothing collections, tug-of-war, online competitions, math competitions, art competitions amongst many others. All of these competitions gain points for that team/person’s house.


We have four House Captains, and a Student Council (STUCO) group who represent every house in every year group. We promote democracy and sharing of ideas to try and better the life and experience of all students. 


The House Captains in Primary this year were:


Ibis - Ryu (4G)

Cobra - Jessica (5G)

Elephants - Sunny (4B)

Stingrays - Jayden (4G)


It was so great to see everyone get involved in the growing house system and supporting their houses – sometimes even with the Secondary House Captains and Leaders!


The new merit system was also introduced; Gold Merits were for academic achievement (Be Ambitious) and the Diamond Merits for social responsibility (Caring Hearts). Be Ambitious and Caring Hearts as you know is our school motto. Every Gold Merit achieved would gain one house point and every Diamond Merit achieved would get two house points, demonstrating the importance of responsibility, caring, open-minded principles that we hold here at Northbridge. 


In the first semester, Ibis won the House Trophy for getting the most number of points overall. This semester, who knows, it is so close at the moment and we have a few days left before we announce the winner.


The trophy will now have an engraved section, which will build up each time the trophy is won showing who won the trophy in which semester and which year so their achievements will be documented and remembered as something to be proud of. 


In the coming year we have plans to further expand the House system, and already have our house boards up in the Secondary Cafeteria and live scores displayed on the TV screens all year round. 


I can’t wait to lead the house programme again next year! Go Ibis! Go Stingrays! Go Cobras! Go Elephants! Go Nagas – our big overall family team!