15 November, 2022

Why I love the transformational student leadership at Northbridge

Why I love the transformational student leadership at Northbridge-Why I love the transformational student leadership at Northbridge-photo_2022-11-15_13-07-04
Why I love the transformational student leadership at Northbridge

By Beauty Boois
Primary/Middle School Counsellor
Primary Student Leadership Leader

Being the Primary Student Leadership Leader at Northbridge International School Cambodia has put me in a position to bloom as a leader because of the transformational student leadership skills and style that our Student Council (STUCO) seem to embody so beautifully.


Initially I was surprised by the student’s eagerness to take up leadership positions within the primary school as it is generally not common that young children want to take on so much responsibility. It did not take me long to realize that PYP students, including those at NISC, are outliers in the best way possible.

The IB Learner Profile enables the students to flourish as leaders, go-getters, and game changers organically! They are caring, confident, open-minded, knowledgeable, unique, balanced, reflective, principled thinkers who are excellent communicators and risk-takers – all the traits that make them transformational leaders with the ability to inspire and drive positive change in their learning environment.

Every time we gather to learn more about leadership, agency and share all the concerns expressed by their fellow students, I am wonderfully blown away by the way they empower themselves and each other to amplify the voice of all students.

In under three months STUCO representatives from grade 3-5 have already collaborated with secondary STUCO and the schools Wellbeing Team to organize activities that promote mental health and fellowship. They have planned and run a successful Sprit Week to bolster school spirit, and are currently working on launching a competition to promote an attitude of gratitude which increases student wellbeing - as well as taken on the roles of Master of Ceremonies during International Day celebrations, where they showcased their confidence and public speaking skills!

The one thing that shines through in everything that NISC STUCO representatives are involved in, is their passion to create a positive, fun and inclusive environment for themselves and for the students who elected them to represent their interests.

With their expressed objectives to host more events, engage in community upliftment initiatives, support other students, be more reflective and keep finding ways to create and inspire positive change in the school – NISC STUCO representatives are ones to watch!

I for one am extremely thrilled and grateful to be lucky enough to work with them and witness them grow and flourish as transformational young leaders.