21 November, 2022

Eco Council take first steps to achieving sustainability at Northbridge

Eco Council take first steps to achieving sustainability at Northbridge-Eco Council take first steps to achieving sustainability at Northbridge-photo_2022-11-21_10-45-44
Eco Council take first steps to achieving sustainability at Northbridge
Throughout the past 4 months, Eco Council members have worked tirelessly to promote sustainability and come up with innovative plans to make Northbridge International School Cambodia a more environmentally friendly community.

As a first step to becoming an Eco-School, committee members split up into groups with an assigned teacher to evaluate and conclude a sustainability audit of Northbridge.


Members carefully and attentively investigated prompts such as waste, litter, water and sanitation and more. Through this assessment, Eco-Council learnt the different environmental issues in the school such as waste of energy, water and waste management issues. Based on the assessments done by the committee members, Eco-Council chose to focus on the following themes: Waste and Biodiversity for the 2022-2024 academic years.


The evaluation of the biodiversity theme concluded that although school grounds has plenty of green space, there is a lack of variety of native trees, plants and animals. In the review for waste, it was concluded that our school lacks recycling bins, as well as awareness regarding the purpose of reducing waste. With the evaluation complete, members devised detailed action plans to tackle these problems over the next two years. The action plan includes plans to create a larger variety of habitats where different organisms can thrive within our school community as well as a system to properly recycle finite waste resources such as paper.  


Aside from plants, trees and trash cans, Eco-Council promoted biodiversity through a Plant-Based stall on International Day. Members brought in a variation of popular dishes that are 100% plant-based to raise awareness that plant-based foods taste just like the original version. These alternatives exposed the community to the harm meat products have on the planet. From the amount of energy consumption leading to greenhouse gas emissions to destruction of natural habitats and rainforests, a pant-based diet aims to reduce these environmental impacts with additional health benefits as well.  


The stall was a hit on International Day where hundreds of students visited and were skeptical upon the first impression. However, they were astounded that the dishes were delicious, and even came back for seconds.  


Eco-Council has evidently made an impact on the Northbridge Community’s outlook on sustainability and has many more events coming. Let’s look forward and encourage our members of the Eco-Council to achieving their environmental goals in the near future!