How we are taking care of our wellbeing at Northbridge-How we are taking care of our wellbeing at Northbridge-Miriam Foster
Miriam Foster
24 November, 2022

How we are taking care of our wellbeing at Northbridge

How we are taking care of our wellbeing at Northbridge-How we are taking care of our wellbeing at Northbridge-Wellbeing2_Northbridge
How we are taking care of our wellbeing at Northbridge
This year, a Wellbeing Action Team was established for the staff of Northbridge International School Cambodia.

It’s comprised of nearly 20 staff with members from nearly every department of the school. Our first meeting was held in the school café during which we got to know each other over a few games. We also agreed to work initially on a survey to drive our plan of action.

But why was it created?

Wellbeing is the current buzz word and I hope it stays that way for a while because health is the first wealth for all of us. Without good mental and physical health, we cannot really do our best for ourselves and others consistently every day. If we feel energised, strong and healthy we will be in the greatest position to proactively support our families, the students and our colleagues. Like a smile, good habits and great attitudes are contagious and will ripple throughout our school and community. 

What have we achieved so far?

We decided to begin with a survey to determine how the whole school staff were feeling and what they would like to see happen this semester. Our survey consisted of only four key questions: 

  • How would you rate your physical health at work?

  • How would you rate your mental health at work?

  • Are there any wellbeing issues at work that you feel need addressing this semester?

  • Regarding wellbeing and mental health, what would you like to see happen this year? (training, events, activities etc.)

From the results, we measured the overall mood of our whole staff and we’ll track this throughout the year. Additionally, we have already responded to some of the suggestions. As World Mental Health Day followed our survey, the Senior Leadership Team were able to immediately respond to the requests for more time and recognition.

They decided to serve everyone a deliciously cooked breakfast and provided time for colleagues to catch up with each other or their work that day, rather than holding a meeting or specific training. A giant board was set up for everyone to write their well wishes on it and one staff member led a stretching session after breakfast.

We also created a video in which staff shared their brilliant methods for keeping well.

Secondly, we responded to the plea for a central place where everyone can access information about wellbeing, clubs, social activities and events in Phnom Penh. Using Microsoft Sway, we were able to create a Wellbeing Electronic Board (WEB) that looked different to work sites, but is accessed using our Nord Anglia log in.

Everyone makes a difference

Finally, we organised a simple celebration for Water Festival by inviting a coconut stall holder on site to cut coconuts for everyone. This was very well received as can be seen from the photographs. 

At NISC there are many everyday things that happen within departments such as food sharing, public praise in meetings, and birthday wishes to mention a few. With some simple routines added into your day, we can all keep well and support each other. Our next steps are to update our staffroom, introduce a wellness area, write a wellbeing policy and invite Santa to visit for Christmas. 

Lastly, here are some everyday tips to help you maintain your wellbeing: 

  • Send a kind note to someone eg. a relative, friend, guard, cleaner, driver etc.

  • Immerse yourself in a spa treatment.

  • Connect with someone you see every day but never chat with.

  • Take a walk surrounded by nature.

  • Take time to read something.

  • Switch on the music.

  • Create something.

  • Switch your phone, your laptop and your iPad off for a few hours or a day!

  • Do something kind for a stranger eg. pay for their taxi or meal.

  • Smile at or high five yourself in the mirror.