02 December, 2022

Why Seesaw is a window into Primary learning at Northbridge

Why Seesaw is a window into Primary learning at Northbridge-Why Seesaw is a window into Primary learning at Northbridge-Seesaw_Northbridge
Why Seesaw is a window into Primary learning at Northbridge

By Donita Bell
Kindergarten & Grade 1 Leader

Studies show that a family's engagement has a direct positive impact on a child's learning success at any school, including Northbridge International School Cambodia.

A child’s thinking can be expressed through their words; writing, speaking, visual perspectives such as drawing. Seeing their world through their eyes through photographs or presented through their creations is the ultimate window to their learning. Seesaw is used at NISC in EL2 to Grade 5 to support us in capturing these student perspectives and to document their growth as a learner.


Children can use diverse tools and materials to represent meaning.  It is through documentation of work, play and their daily interactions with each other that we understand each child as a learner.   Whether it is the teacher or the student sharing, Seeaw has the potential to help us all understand a students’ knowledge and skills more completely.


Seesaw has given teachers a platform to share this child-centered thinking with families while also allowing for communication  between student, home and school that supports our children.  By sharing the feedback from  school to home and home to school, channels are open to allow  students to make continuous steps forward in their learning.


With children being independent and active agents in their own learning, Seesaw has allowed our students to show us what they understand and how they make meaning through their chosen ways.


Seesaw is one way we are building a community built on family- school relationships.  Positive learning environments are formed and the team around each child becomes more powerful.


How can we enhance our students’ learning?


The team around our children utilize Seesaw as the ultimate communication between families and school.


Communication through Seesaw allows us to help break down language barriers with translation in 100+ languages. Any message from teachers or families can be written in Seesaw and translated at the tap of a button to maintain two way feedback.


By pressing the ‘like’ button you are showing that you see, hear, read and follow ‘next steps’ at home by talking to your child about their posts, posing questions and allowing the students to reflect and apply their learning more fully.


Families should never underestimate how important they are in the learning journey of their child from the early years to the upper primary year levels. Please consider using Seesaw as your channel to partake in the leading role you have in our children’s learning.


What can families do?


  • Log into Family Seesaw through your child’s QR code (ask your teacher if you don’t have it).
  • View your students’ folder individually but then sit together with their children to discuss what is posted.
  • Show your participation by ‘liking’ it and add comments, questions from you or your children.
  • Send posts with photos or ‘actions’ that they make at home on weeknights, weekends, holidays that show they are applying or using their knowledge and skills from school or making new connections to the community and world outside of school.
  • Write messages (private messages) to your teachers to let the know if students are having challenges or successes.
  • Keep communicating with school so your child knows  that you are interested, involved and following their engagements at school.  This is the ultimate way to help our children succeed and become life-long learners.



Get Connected!


Help your children in the best way you can.


Become more involved in their learning!  



For any questions, support or help with Seesaw, please contact Donita Bell, Kindergarten/Grade One Grade Level Leader: donita.bell@nisc.edu.kh