21 September, 2023

Why at Northbridge we pay special care and attention to successful student transitions

Why at Northbridge we pay special care and attention to successful student transitions-Why at Northbridge we pay special care and attention to successful student transitions-IMG_1125
Why at Northbridge we pay special care and attention to successful student transitions

By Robbie Alexander
Assistant Head Secondary Pastoral

Transitioning into a new Secondary school can be an exciting time for young people and often marks a new phase in their lives. Whether they are moving from Primary to Secondary school, from MYP to DP, joining us here at Northbridge International School Cambodia, or even moving on to higher education, it is a part of growing up and brings with it change in an important way.

Most young people will successfully manage the transition to and from NISC but like any change, there is always a degree of uncertainty. There may be some ups and downs along the way. At a time of change when they are finding their feet in a new environment, it is common for children to slip from feeling confident and assured one minute, to feeling nervous or anxious and then back again.

Not only are young people trying to adapt to a new environment and establishing and developing new relationships, but it is likely to coincide with a time of physical and psychological change as they move through the various stages of adolescence. All children are different, and the impact of transitioning school can affect them in distinct and often unexpected ways. Whilst some students may respond well to the change and enjoy the move, others may require a greater level of reassurance and preparation. 

At NISC we pride ourselves on the care and attention we give to each stage of an individual's transition to, through and beyond the school, and we are fully committed to the academic, social and personal wellbeing of all our students. At the heart of our transition policy is the liaison between students, parents and staff.

In partnership with our parent community, we believe it is our responsibility to prepare our students for each stage in their education, whether that be as part of the NISC community or externally. Core to this is helping our students to develop the resilience needed to navigate this change whilst building a greater understanding that is an inevitable part of life. 

Central to our successful transition policy is a determination to focus on continuous improvement and to learn where we can evolve the process for the  of our students. This week colleagues from across the NISC community came together from both Primary and Secondary and represented all areas of the school including academic, pastoral, counselling and learning support.

The team took this opportunity to work collaboratively, share ideas and best practice and focus on how we can enhance the transition experience for students, parents and staff. In doing so we were able to bring together a wealth of educational knowledge, experience and innovative thinking from across the NISC community to further enhance and evolve our processes 

The benefit of our ongoing work to build and develop a world class transition policy is multifaceted. It ensures NISC students thrive and flourish by helping them adjust quickly and minimises any disruption to their learning or curriculum continuity. In addition, we know it can help facilitate new relationships and support the development of self-esteem and confidence. 

Continuously improving our transition policy is both an ongoing process and an ongoing dialogue between students, parents and staff. We look forward to working with the NISC community in the year ahead and beyond to ensure that NISC strives to provide the highest quality transition experience.