24 October, 2023

Northbridge is ready for our second year of IB MYP on screen examinations

Northbridge is ready for our second year of IB MYP on screen examinations

By Gill Presland
Deputy Head of Secondary & MYP Coordinator

Our Northbridge International School Cambodia MYP Grade 10 graduating class of 2024 are now all registered with the IB for the May 2024 Mathematics and English Language and Literature exams, and their culminating personal project. The two exams take place on May 7 and 9 2024, with practice exams being run between February 5-7.

In preparation for the addition of Science and Individuals and Societies to our externally moderated exam package next academic year, Grade 10 will be doing internally assessed February and May exams in these two subject areas, and Grade 9 will be doing internally assessed end of year exams in all four subject areas designed using an eAssessment style structure. These steps will help prepare students for the behaviours and exam structure awareness needed for these academic challenges. 


The online exams are considered cutting edge in assessment and are part of the suite of eAssessments externally moderated by the IB. The IB externally moderates MYP eAssessment and DP examinations. Mr Mark (Mathematics Curriculum Leader), Ms Kim (Language and Literature Curriculum Leader), Mr Jason (Individuals and Societies Curriculum Leader), and Mr Tyler (Science Curriculum Leader) and their teachers are working to support all G10 students as they prepare for the May 2024 exams.


The MYP exams are a chance for our students to demonstrate their disciplinary understanding of each subject's key concepts, thinking critically and creatively, and applying it in unfamiliar situations to demonstrate true understanding. The eAssessment uses technology to enhance assessment through the use of media and interactive tools.  


We are excited to have been able to provide our first steps into the online examinations during this past year, and now please join me next in wishing our MYP graduating class of 2024 every success in their exams later this year. 



Celebrating: Our best MYP Personal Project results ever! 


Congratulation to both students and project supervisors of the MYP graduating class of 2023 for your success.  


1,049 IB World Schools (95,410 MYP students) in 114 countries worldwide submitted Grade 10 students' personal projects last year. A truly personal and creative piece of work based on an area of personal interest, this mandatory personal project is a culminating MYP project that all students develop in their final year of the programme. At Northbridge we have always submitted to the IB our Grade 10 Personal Projects to the IB for external marking. 


Our cohort from last academic year recently recieved their IB MYP Personal Project Certificate, and all achieved a solid 100% pass rate. Also achieving our highest ever average mark of 5.7, which is 1.65 above the world average, which is outstanding. This consistent growth demonstrates the reflective growth mindset of the NISC community, who is always willing to take feedback and proactively use it to review and refine our practice. I know that with this attitude we will continue to celebrate our growing success throughout our future years together.