30 November, 2023

How Northbridge students benefit from our amazing Juilliard connection

How Northbridge students benefit from our amazing Juilliard connection-How Northbridge students benefit from our amazing Juilliard connection-photo_2023-12-01_09-22-38
How Northbridge students benefit from our amazing Juilliard connection

By Ross Clarke
Northbridge Juilliard Coordinator

Northbridge International School Cambodia is incredibly lucky to be partnered with Juilliard. In my time at Northbridge and previously at the British School in Warsaw, Poland I have got to meet some amazing musicians, dancers and actors who are all passionate about education from the world-leading conservatoire (Juilliard) in those fields.

Juilliard is here in everything we do in performing arts. The students experience the curriculum every week, and although it is not a programme that forces everyone to become artists, which, as we all know is not everyone’s goal in life, it enriches us all with art, cognitive expansion and social enjoyment.


The arts are all around us and what we spend most of our money and time on to: enjoy ourselves, relax with friends, improve our wellbeing among so many other things. What Juilliard brings to Northbridge is a wealth of resources, teaching methods, and opportunities that we as performing arts teachers are trained in and constantly supported with.


I am one of the lucky ones, as I got to visit Juilliard and, what an experience! So much so, that I decided we must take Northbridge students there, which is what we will be doing in the week of the 11th December with the Northbridge School Choir. They will get to see what Juilliard is all about, receive a class with Juilliard teachers, and also get to meet other schools within our Nord Anglia family in New York.


Hilary Easton, Brian Drye, and Stephanie Cunningham, our Juilliard representatives are some of the most amazing artists in the world; each professionals in their field, and I would encourage all parents and students to get as involved as possible when they are in Northbridge as it is a unique opportunity for all of us. They are all world-class and lead in their field and are also such lovely people. We are very lucky to have them here at Northbridge and they also love visiting us.


We are continually developing our Juilliard programme and we hope you will get to see the development in the coming years. I urge all parents and students to get involved in all Juilliard experiences presented.