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Primary Class walking school fun

Primary School: Nursery Rhyme Week and Loy Krathong on Friday!

Action-packed schedules, full of rhythm and traditional festivities! Last week, we saw Year 2 plant pumpkins, FS3 phonics children focus on the "f" sound through creative play and Year 3 design dragon eyes out of clay.

  • Nursey Rhyme Week November 2021
  • Nursey Rhyme Week Poster Competition St Andrews

It’s Nursery Rhyme Week!

We are very excited to announce that it is Nursery Rhyme Week. If you would like to get involved please post a video on Seesaw of your child singing their favourite Nursery Rhyme, even better they can sing their parents or grandparents favourite rhyme!

There will be lots of activities for the students to get involved in during the week and it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, everyone loves a nursery rhyme!

  • Pre Covid Loy Krathong School Celebration St Andrews
  • FS Loy Krathong 02

Loy Krathong is on Friday

Loy Krathong is one of the most popular festivals in Thailand. Thai people rely on farming, thus, water. Therefore, they celebrate the harvesting season.

It is believed that Loy Krathong began as a way of worshipping and giving thanks to the Goddess of water for the water they consumed daily as well as the water from the rains for farming. The festival is on the full moon night of the 12th month (normally November) when water levels are at their highest each year, following the Thai traditional lunar calendar. This also happens to be the time when the moon is the most beautiful, too. In addition, as Thai people cyclically harvest their rice crops around this time of the year, it is also a time for festivals and celebrations. 

 As is our tradition, everyone in the STA community is encouraged to wear traditional Thai costumes on this day. This year we will celebrate Loy Krathong on Friday 19th November. After a long period of virtual teaching and learning at home, it will be fun to dress up and enjoy seeing our teachers and friends in the beautiful costumes of the host country around our school. 

Thai costumes can be found at Prakanong market, Chatuchak Weekend Market and Thai costume shops.

As well as this, The Primary School students will make their own Krathongs during Thai lessons week 15-19 November. We encourage you to use this Krathong for the whole family, if you want to float into the river, and make a wish together, to reduce waste and limit our impact on the environment. Children will have a lovely opportunity to try and do Thai handicrafts and appreciate the beauty of natural materials while learning to make a Krathong out of banana leaves and flowers. All materials needed for Krathong making will be prepared and provided to the students individually.

We look forward to seeing students join our special day in Thai costumes and enjoy themselves by making their own Krathong activities. 


The Thai Department share myths about Naga

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  • Plant Pumkins Classroom Soil Creative Learning Teacher Students Experiment
  • Plant Pumkins Classroom Soil Creative Learning Teacher Students Experiment
  • Plant Pumkins Classroom Soil Creative Learning Teacher Students Experiment
  • Plant Pumkins Classroom Soil Creative Learning Teacher Students Experiment

Year 2 plant pumpkins

Year 2 students had a go at planting pumpkins last week. As it had been Halloween, Year 2 took the opportunity to have a look at pumpkin seeds and talk about what would be needed to grow pumpkins. They made pots to put soil in and then planted the seeds. Let’s wait a few weeks and see the results!

  • Fight Fires
  • Fight Fires Foundation Stage 3
  • Fight Fires Foundation Stage 3

Foundation Stage 3 (FS3) fight fires

Last week in FS3 Phonics, children focused on the "f" sound through imaginative and creative play. The children created their own firefighter vests with the letter "f" and put them on ready for action around the school.  They then used them to pretend to be firefighters and went around the school putting out fires. What a Fantastic Fun Activity!

  • Dragon Eyes
  • Dragon Eyes

Year 3 design and make dragon eyes

The Year 3s have been designing and making Dragon eyes out of clay to support their topic ‘Dragons’. They designed the eyes first using colouring pencils, then shaped their eyes into clay. This week they will be painting them. The Dragon topic looks at the legend of the Dragon and even studies a place in Wales where Dragons are meant to have lived. In Year 3 English lessons the students enjoyed studying a story about a Dragon Egg. They adapted the story themselves and added different characters, setting and plot to make the story their own. There were greater ideas.


Pick-up times

The different systems for the beginning and end of the school days worked very well. Please note the pick-up times to help ensure a smooth exit at the end of each day as follows:

  • Foundation Stage 1 -12 pm (Classrooms)

  • Foundation Stage 2 & Foundation Stage 3 - 2.15 pm (Classrooms)

  • Year 1 - 2.10 pm (Blue Area)

  • Year 2 - 2.10 pm (Sports Hall)

  • Year 3 - 2.20 pm (Sports Hall)

  • Year 4 - 2.30 pm (Blue Area)

  • Year 5 & Year 6 - 2.30 pm

*We recommend that parents use the off-site parking (Suk 71 or Max Valu) to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow in the main car park.

KidsUp App - this is useful for Year 2 - Year 6 parents if your child does not have a phone or a phone watch for you to contact them directly on. If you previously installed the app on your device, we recommend that you delete this and reinstall it to avoid any potential issues. 

Medical Update

To enable our nursing team to provide medical care for your child, it is vital that we have up to date medical details and your consent for treatment and the administration of medicines.

As we now will be having students on campus, all parents must complete this information via the Health app in Moodle.

Aluminium STA Trashlucky

Primary School: Our first community recycling initiative!

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