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Staff Profile: Aaron Kane

Aaron Kane

Director of Curriculum and Assistant Head (Middle School)

I am a UK qualified, and internationally minded, Leader of Learning that is passionate about teaching and learning. I began my teaching career in Manchester, in the North of England, as  a School Sports Coordinator for Wythenshawe and South Manchester. After three years in  this role, I followed my passion for English and completed a PGCE in Secondary English. I remained in the UK for my formative teaching years before working internationally in Cairo  and more recently Singapore.

During my career, I have worked with a variety of children and I love the challenge of engaging, inspiring and supporting all of the children I work with to become the best they can be in all facets. During my time in the UK, I participated on a selective national leadership course where I had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of outstanding school leaders, from different parts of the UK.

I always give 100% and I enjoy the challenge of stretching myself by taking on additional responsibilities. I have held a number of leadership roles in each of the schools that I have worked in and my key focus as a leader is always to ensure that all barriers are removed so that my colleagues can deliver an outstanding experience for our students. The variety of the roles I have held highlight my versatility, my willingness to challenge myself and my commitment to contribute to my school, as both a teacher and a leader.


I am happily married to Natasha, who is the Head of Student Services, and we have two  amazing children. They are a huge reason for us to leave the relative comfort of the UK and live and work abroad. Our desire to see our children grow up to be fully rounded and active global citizens has taken us to some truly amazing places and we are delighted that Katy, Texas is now our home.

I have been fortunate to be able to work with some truly outstanding colleagues in each of the schools I have worked in, with my most recent being UWCSEA in Singapore. I am extremely grateful of the phenomenal opportunities that our children have had because of this and I am deeply committed to ensuring that all of our children continue to have the same high-quality experiences here at BISH. As a family, we are all so excited to be able to continue our remarkable journey by immersing ourselves in all that the BISH and wider Texan community have to offer. 

What the students say:

“Mr. Kane gives us the confidence to make mistakes in class so that we can learn from them.” “I like how you will put our work on the projector or write your own work on there so that we can talk about it and learn how we can make it better.” “Mr. Kane's feedback is always helpful, he makes sure we thoroughly understand the topic before he lets us complete the task.”