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15 October, 2021

Nord Anglia Education launches $500,000 community investment fund to empower student changemakers

Nord Anglia Education launches $500,000 community investment fund to empower student changemakers - nord-anglia-education-launches-500000-community-investment-fund-to-empower-student-changemakers
Nord Anglia Education launches $500,000 community investment fund to empower student changemakers Student Advisory Board leads new investment fund enhancing students’ social impact projects

Nord Anglia Education has announced the launch of a new US$500,000 community investment fund to support its students’ activities as part of its Social Impact Programme with UNICEF.

Each academic year, students from Nord Anglia’s 81 schools worldwide will be able to apply for grants from the $500,000 fund to launch and enhance their local social outreach projects. This year, in line with UNICEF’s key advocacy areas, Nord Anglia’s students will tackle and develop solutions to challenges relating to: Climate, Education, Immunisation, and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Students’ funding applications will be assessed by Nord Anglia’s new Student Advisory Board. The nominated group of 15 student leaders from across Nord Anglia’s family of schools will be responsible for reviewing and recommending social impact projects for funding each year.

Sabina, Reserve member, Europe , and  a PBIS student, quotes:

“I think the SAB is a great opportunity for students to use their voices and make an impact on the issues that matter to them, so I’m looking forward to seeing all the different projects and topics that the students, across Europe, want to tackle.”

As well as further developing students’ understanding about some of the world’s biggest problems, Nord Anglia’s Social Impact Programme challenges young people to work in partnership with community groups and local charities to take direct action. The new $500,000 community investment fund has been created to help students maximise their projects’ sustainable impact.    

Nord Anglia’s Social Impact Programme enriches each school’s curriculum by providing exciting opportunities for students to develop their critical and creative thinking, advocacy and problem solving skills.

Earlier this year, Nord Anglia entered into a new, three-year global partnership with UNICEF to help students gain the knowledge and skills required to make positive change within their communities.

Lord David Puttnam, Chairman of Nord Anglia’s Education Advisory Board, said: “Global citizenship starts with education, which is why we create experiences for our students to make a sustainable difference in their local communities. With the launch of our community investment fund and Student Advisory Board, we’re challenging students to create and deliver community projects with long-term impacts. By working in teams and seeing first-hand what it takes to make a positive difference, our students can develop the creativity, resilience and leadership skills to drive change as global citizens.”

Dr Jane Gaskell, Education Advisory Board member and Chair of Nord Anglia’s Charitable Giving Committee, said: “Our social impact programme encourages students to engage in projects that will bring about positive, sustainable social change.  They will develop skills in working with diverse communities, making financial decisions and assessing the outcomes of their projects.  In a rapidly changing world, these are key skills that will help students succeed at whatever they choose to do or be in life.”