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06 June, 2024

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award: Building Skills and Creating Memories

Duke of Edinburgh International Award - Duke of Edinburgh International Award
The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is more than just hiking. It includes volunteering, fitness, skill-building, and exciting adventures to help students grow.

The DofE Award, often only seen for its hiking trips, is much more than that! Students learn and discover a multitude of new possibilities and activities, which they undertake throughout their DofE journey to gain their award. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate and a formal pin in an awards ceremony with DofE patrons, in one of the beautiful buildings in the Old Town of Prague.

 The DofE Award embodies FOUR main sections:


Students must complete a regular activity to benefit their environment or community. This includes helping others to improve their local area; assisting with a club or activity for younger students; working with existing clubs to improve the school; working with charities outside of school; or any other activity that benefits others. Examples of this include their initiative to deliver Christmas presents to children's homes or organising bake sales to collect donations for Arnica charity, among others.

Physical Activity

Students complete a regular activity to help improve an aspect of their physical health and wellbeing. This has ranged from students who compete nationally in their sport to students who are picking up a new activity for the very first time

Skill Development

The aim is to pick an activity that will help improve their already existing skill or allow them to learn a new one. Through this section, students learn new languages, play instruments, create artwork, models, drama pieces, and much more.

Adventurous Journey

The most popular of all. Teams get together to plan, equip, and then complete a (2-4 day) journey in nature. They work as a group to ensure that all of them can overcome their challenges and act self-sufficiently throughout: carrying their kit, cooking for themselves, and navigating their planned route.

As a result of the range of activities required to be a successful award holder of the DofE Award, it is recognised in 130 countries worldwide as a sign that participants have demonstrated their skills in resilience, leadership, collaboration, and self-management. The completion of their individual sections often provides participants with experiences (and sometimes qualifications) to include in CVs and university applications.