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St Andrews Bangkok
21 March, 2017

Head's Lines: 21 March 2017

Head's Lines: 21 March 2017

Find out more about the artistic and athletic achievements of our talented St. Andrews students. Our Songkran celebration is coming soon as well.

Head's Lines: 21 March 2017 The IB Art Exhibition was a wonderful way to highlight the artistic achievement of our students, and it was only enhanced by the accompaniment of our music and drama students. What a delightful way to give our St. Andrews community a sneak peek at our new campus. ...The FOBISIA Games were a fantastic way to give our students to show their high level of athletic achievement. Our Songkran celebration is coming soon. Read on for more details.

Find out more about the artistic and athletic achievements of our talented St. Andrews students. Our Songkran celebration is coming soon as well.

IB Art Exhibition

Congratulations to our Year 13 Art and Design students who presented their International Baccalaureate individual art exhibition last week on the first floor of one of our new classroom buildings on the Srivikorn Campus.  It was a great way to open the building for part of our school community to come and see what a great space we have coming for the High School students.  There was some great live music played by a range of students on Thursday evening. Then on Friday, students performed pieces they had previously produced for “St Andrews Presents,” held recently at the M theatre.  These performances really gave the evening a special edge and enhanced the enjoyment of the fantastic artwork that was presented by each of the year 13 students.


The U13 FOBISIA Games went very smoothly with a great atmosphere of competition and support at each of the sports venues the school used.  All the feedback from the five visiting schools has been incredibly positive with all aspects of the hosting of this event going off very smoothly.  Our own St. Andrews FOBISIA squad really performed at an incredible level showing they were excellent athletes and sports ambassadors for our school.  St. Andrews won each of the sports competitions for girls and boys in swimming, football, basketball and athletics.  This was an incredible result showing that all their training and efforts had really meant they have stepped up and can achieve at a very high level for their age group.  A special thank you must go to the PE and swimming teachers for all their hard work with the members of the different sports squads and a special thank you to our estates department for making the hosting of U13 FOBISIA Games so successful for all.

Songkran Celebrations at School

We look forward to the last two weeks of term, with the final week finishing at the end of Wednesday 5th April.  On this Wednesday we will have our Songkran celebration so please get out your bright happy flowery shirts which so enhance the Songkran celebration in Thailand.  The day will start with an assembly led by our students and Thai teachers . Following the assembly, similar to last year, we invite our school community to make merit by offering food to Monks who will be visiting our school from a local Wat.  In the afternoon we will celebrate with some water play, which will result in students and teachers getting very wet, so please ensure that your child has a change of clothes to go home in after they have finished their Songkran celebration at school with an ice cream. I hope to see you at these festivities.