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St Andrews Bangkok
11 September, 2017

Foundation Stage & Key Stage1: Eye of the beholder

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Foundation Stage & Key Stage1: Eye of the beholder Find out when junk is not always junk...Eyes and proper eye care were the focus of this past week...Terra Nova is certainly an appropriate name for this new and exciting addition to Primary School. KS1 bin

We need more junk!

It seems that KS1 love junk and can’t get enough of the boxes and tubes that you have been sending in for our junk modeling table!  Every playtime has seen dozens of children eagerly going through the bins and boxes to see what has been added since the previous day.

Thank you for sending it in….but please keep it coming!  

Please make sure that all containers are washed out and have no sharp edges, and let the children sort this valuable junk into the bins on the playground

KS1 draw KS1 hat

Y1 Senses Topic

We are already 3 weeks into term and the learning is in full swing.  The Y1 Senses Topic is underway and last week 1M and 1S had a visit from Hetty and Hatty, who have a lot to learn when it comes to looking after their eyes.  Luckily the children could give them some advice, thanks to their learning this term.

With Blindfold Drawing Challenges and Guided Walks, the children have started to understand how important it is to look after their eyes.

KS1 blindfold KS1 reveal KS1 eye doctor KS1 wig KS1 class

Terra Nova

Last week saw the Terra Nova in its first full week of active service...and it certainly has been very active. For the moment we are timetabling the new climbing frame and limiting the numbers to five-minute sessions, until everyone has had a turn and knows how to use it safely and sensibly. We are not just restricting its use to break times, and teachers are taking down their classes at different times throughout the school day. It has been a great success and has added a new experience to the playground. Once the children are familiar with it we hope to have more open access.

Ks1 Terra nova 1 KS1 Terra nova 2 KS1 Terra nova 3