Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
05 February, 2018

House: Competitions and celebration

House: Competitions and celebration The Primary School and High School have announced a number of different competitions to help save the world. Plus … karaoke in the High School and Sustainability Week at Primary School.

The Primary School and High School have announced a number of different competitions to help save the world. Plus … karaoke in the High School and Sustainability Week at Primary School.

High School House

There have been a few subject House competitions happening over the last few weeks from the Humanities and Maths departments.

In Humanities students created a display with two challenges. The first was a population game where students had to guess what country (in the pairs given) had the highest population. The second competition asked students to create critical thinking questions about population to post on the display for others to answer.

The winning House was Yao who won 10 points for their House with the top two students being Kaka (Karen) and Thun (Lahu) who received a perfect 8 out of 8. A special shout out goes to Imri for his excellent critical question.

In Maths, students participated in the Maths Art House Competition. Students were invited along to create interesting artwork using techniques such as Escher tessellations, origami, Koch Snowflakes and Sierpinski triangles with points going to everyone who participated.


Fun Friday - Student Karaoke

This week saw the students sing for their House in student karaoke. The competition was fierce with some absolutely brilliant singing taking place. Students who participated were…

  • Group 1: Gordon, Vicky and Chene, Roar by Katy Perry

  • Group 2: Emma and Victoria, Tag, You're It

  • Group 3: Jeraldine and Oonita, I Want You Back

  • Solo 1: Kushal, Shape of You

  • Solo 2: Jojo,, Queen by Winters tale.

The overall winners were … Jeraldine and Oonita! Well done to everyone involved. You were all brilliant.

House Art Competition 2018

This week it’s the art department’s turn...


The STA Art Department invites all students, parents and teachers to submit a piece of art on the theme “Marginal”. Artwork can be in any medium, including drawing, painting, printing, 3D, photography, digital and video.


  • All work submitted must be made by the person submitting it, named, and dated

  • One piece per person, group pieces accepted

  • All work must be submitted before 3 pm on Friday 16 February 2018

  • 2D pieces up to A2, 3D pieces up to 50x50x50 cm, video up to 3 minutes

Primary School House

Sustainability Week

It is Sustainability Week! Remember the House Team have competitions starting this week and you and your children can do your bit to help the planet and earn some house points at the same time!

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Competition 1 - We are asking students to make a video (with the family) to promote awareness of an endangered animal. Each entry will win 5 house points for their house. However the overall winner in each house will win a very special prize indeed. St Andrews will sponsor the 4 winning endangered animals and each one will become a house mascot. The winners will be the most effective video in each house …so be creative!!!! The child who makes the video will be invited on stage once a year whilst they are at St Andrews to keep us updated about the animals progress.

Competition 2 - Say NO to plastic bags!! Your child will earn 5 house points each if they can remember to take cloth reusable bags with them when they go shopping instead of accepting plastic ones. Please send a photo of this to their class teacher.

Competition 3 - Encourage your child to bring a reusable (not plastic) water-bottle to school every day (clearly labelled) and they can even bring it to the playground and refill it instead of using paper cups. Every child that does this will earn 2 house points.

If you have any questions, please email your House Leader.

Fun Day Talent

Finally, well done to the amazing participants in the talent show on Fun Day! It was incredible to see the variety of talents our Primary School community has and we hope the children feel proud of themselves!