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St Andrews Bangkok
01 April, 2019

Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1: Songkran Festival and Grand Raffle Draw

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She was the best author that I have worked with from Author’s Abroad - very engaging, had good behaviour management and the children thoroughly enjoyed their workshop with her. They can’t wait to finish creating their story necklaces!
Mrs Kat
Mrs Kat
Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1: Songkran Festival and Grand Raffle Draw The Grand Raffle Draw will finally take place this Friday...Find out about all the things planned for this year’s annual celebration of Songkran at STA...The White Elephant Charity Sale is also scheduled for this Friday...Book Week 2019 was a rip-roaring success!

The Grand Raffle Draw will finally take place this Friday...Find out about all the things planned for this year’s annual celebration of Songkran at St Andrews International School Bangkok...The White Elephant Charity Sale is also scheduled for this Friday...Book Week 2019 was a rip-roaring success!

Grand Raffle Draw

The Raffle that was postponed due to the cancellation of Fun Day will take place on the last day of this term at the first Songkran Assembly at Primary School. The top 5 prizes, which include an iPhone and a laptop, will be announced at the Songkran assemblies on both campuses on 5 April.

All proceeds from the raffle go to the PTG, which supports various student projects throughout the year. In the past they have provided funding for Prom (both Y12 and Y6), carnival game gifts for school or charity events, and the drinks sold by students as part of their fundraising activities for Tanzania. They have offered the use of their chocolate fountain and they now have two popcorn machines. They are sponsoring sustainable water bottles for an upcoming Model United Nations event held at STA. In addition, they present a gift to each member of the graduating class. and we organize the Summer Party.

This is why they are asking for your help for this year’s raffle in particular. They have lost their main source of funding for this year – Fun Day – so the raffle is their only way of raising money to support student activities and community-building events.

Your support is much appreciated.

Please write your child’s name and tutor group on the tickets. The numbers of the remaining prizes (plenty of vouchers) will be posted in writing at both school offices and in the first Newsletter of Term 3.

Good luck and thank you.

Happy Songkran

As always, this term is a very busy one, with one event hot on the heels of the next.

With the wonderful memories of Book Week fresh in our minds, we slow down the pace as we look forward to Friday, the celebration of Songkran and the well-earned two week break.

Songkran Festival

On Friday this week, the last day of term, we will have our annual Songkran celebration. The day will be organised slightly differently to previous years so please read the following schedule carefully if you plan to join us for the ceremony.

We ask that all children come to school wearing a Songkran shirt. These brightly coloured, flowery shirts are currently available in all supermarkets and local markets.

Each year we arrange a traditional alms giving ceremony and invite monks from the local temple to collect the offerings and give a blessing. This is a fascinating experience for all of the students, allowing them to share in an important cultural event, but it is optional.

Children MUST bring a full change of clothes and a towel to take part in the water play later in the day.

Songkran Schedule for Primary School

Before school all Foundation Stage and Y1-Y3 students should leave their offerings on the marked table.  Please label all bags clearly. Y4-Y6 students should take their offerings to their classrooms.

  • 8.00 - 8.30 a.m. Foundation Stage - Y3 Alms giving to Monks(Foundation Stage students then return to class)
  • 8.45 - 9.15 a.m. Y1-Y3 Songkran Assembly in Sports Hall
  • 8.30 - 8,45 a.m. - Y4-Y6 Bring Alms to marked tables
  • 8.45 - 9.15 a.m. - Y4- Y6 Alms giving
  • 9.30 a.m. - Y4-Y6 Assembly in the Sports Hall

Announcing the arrival of the White Elephant

We were all disappointed at the cancellation of Fun Day this year, no more so that the parents and staff who were collecting donations for our White Elephant Charity Stall.

With so many of your donations being stored by the Estates Department we wanted to make sure that the sale went ahead this term.

On 5 April, the last Friday of Term, at the Primary School, we will be holding the White Elephant Sale after the Songkran alms giving and assemblies.  The sale will be held in the Drama Studio and doors will open at 10.00 a.m.

The children will have a chance to visit the stall at break times and during the school day so please send up to 100 baht in a named envelope or purse with your child.

The stall is open all day for parents who wish to find a bargain.  There are toys, clothes, books, ornaments, games and lots of other interesting things to find at very cheap prices.  

In the interest of a sustainable environment, please bring your own shopping bags.

Book Week 2019

Books! Books! Books! That was certainly the theme last week in school. Another fantastic Book Week was enjoyed by students, staff and parents alike. There was such a lovely buzz around the school.

Throughout the week, so many super reading-related events were run by the teachers at morning breaks and lunchtimes, such as: book-mark making, quizzes galore, script writing, book board game making and drawing masterclasses. There were so many wonderful competitions too, so lots of house points were earned by the children.

We had lots of events in and around the Library too. Paragon Asia and Book Link both came in and were selling discounted books. We also had a used book sale. Children in KS2 could watch Dr. Seuss: the Lorax, and other super competitions could be entered.

Our visiting author - Karin Littlewood - was in school all week holding presentations and running workshops with all EYFS and Primary children. Not only was she a hit with everyone, she also said what an amazing week she had had. Karin commented on the lovely atmosphere in school, and said we had great children, who were talented, polite and asked her some wonderful questions.

Our Book Week rounded off with our annual Book Character Parades. Everyone looked super in their costumes. Thank you to all the parents, who had helped to make the costumes. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Any winners of competitions, as well as the best costume from each class, were announced during the assemblies. A big thanks to Miss Cherry for choreographing an amazing book-themed dance, and also to Mrs Alice and Mrs Marie, who taught the STA Sing Girls choir an outstanding book-themed song ‘Words are Ours.’