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24 February, 2020

Key Stage 2: Residential recap

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Key Stage 2: Residential recap Just before the half term break, Y3 went to iCamp in Kanchanaburi for their residential...We look at upcoming events and update the community on keeping well in KS2.

Just before the half term break, Y3 went to iCamp in Kanchanaburi for their residential...We look at upcoming events and update the community on keeping well in KS2.

Just before the half term break, Y3 went to iCamp in Kanchanaburi for their residential. The excitement had been growing leading up to the departure as the children had chosen their activities for the 2nd day and found out who was going to be in their cabin.

Day 1 began with settling into the cabins, deciding on who would sleep on the top bunk, followed by a delicious lunch. The food at iCamp is particularly good and there is plenty of it throughout the day to keep the children fueled for their activities. During the afternoon, the students rotated around 4 different activities. With some new ones added this year, they had a great time with some indoor team games, swimming on the inflatable course, den building, fire making and cooking boiled eggs. The fire building was the highlight of the afternoon for most children as it was something they had never done before. Somehow the boiled eggs tasted better when cooked on an open fire that you have built yourself.

After dinner, the children were treated to a large campfire where they could toast marshmallows and be entertained by the iCamp staff dancing and singing. 

After a good night’s sleep, day 2 began with more team games in class groups designed to help the children become more collaborative. These were a mix of indoor and outdoor activities in small and large groups, some physical and some that required logic and precision such as the Pyramid Challenge.

The day ended with optional sign up activities that the children had chosen themselves, ranging from board games to dance to archery. Tired, but happy, the children slept very well that night.

We left iCamp after breakfast on day 3 and all the children arrived back at school with lots of stories to tell their parents, having tried out new skills, cemented friendships and mastered being away from home for 2 nights.

Mrs Jo (Y3 Leader)


Book Week is coming!

Another exciting event that is coming up in March is the Annual Book Week. As always, we will have a visiting author for the week. This year it’s Damian Harvey- an author of books for Primary aged children. His books range from biographies and historical stories to poetry and stories. You might recognise some of them already as he has written for the Project X series. As well as doing some presentations and writing workshops with the children, Damian will also be signing copies of his books which will be available to buy in the library.

This year also sees the return of the taste bud tantalising Great St Andrews Book Week Bake Off so it’s time for the children to get those creative juices flowing with some amazing cake designs. 

A highlight of Book Week is the famous Book Character Parade. This year our STA Ecobeasts are trying to encourage us to be more sustainable in everything we do- Book Week included. They are encouraging us to recycle our old Book Week costumes to help do out bit to save the environment and to reduce the stress of having to come up with new costume ideas! If you have old costumes that children have outgrown or just don’t wear anymore, they can be donated to school in return for House Points. These costumes will then be sold at discount prices and all of the money raised will be sent to Australian Wildlife charities to support their recovery from the devastating wildfires. Read the poster below to find out more.

Leavers Survey

Last week, you should have received an email from the school office containing a link to the Leavers Survey.

This survey goes out annually at this time to ensure that all children currently studying at St Andrews, have their places confirmed for the next academic year prior to us offering places to new families. Please complete the survey as soon as you can so that we can start to build well balanced class lists for next year. If at this time your family's circumstances make you unable to confirm your intentions at this time, please advise any of our Primary Admissions Team:

Last week’s Covid-19 update meeting

Dr Peter Guerin from the US Embassy was with us on Friday morning to give the community an update on the ever-changing situation with Covid-19. This presentation was attended by a number of parents and representatives from each of the teaching teams in order that teachers have the information they need to help keep the children and their colleagues healthy. You can see a video of this presentation below, and a link to the PowerPoint can be found here.

Keeping Well in KS2

We would like to thank all parents for their support in helping to keep KS2 healthy. In terms of better understanding the coronavirus and it’s likely impact, you may find the following resources useful.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have a fantastic website to help keep up to date with any advice regarding COVID-19. The Thai Ministry of Public Health, who liaise directly with the WHO, have their own website giving guidelines for Thailand. 

For those of you who would like to find out more about coronaviruses, the WHO have made a short, online introductory course about this family of viruses. Other useful sections of this website are the Q&A section, the mythbusters section and the when and how to use a mask section. John Hopkins University has published this dashboard which clearly shows up to date numbers regarding COVID-19, which importantly includes the number who have recovered from the illness, which often goes unreported in the media.

Air Quality Reminder

Please remember that Moodle is the place to check for live data air quality from the Primary Campus. The data shown on the Air Visual app is from a device which is no longer working and hasn't updated since the end of January. We have contacted Air Visual and are waiting for them to correct this.

Upcoming events 

  • Year 4 Residential - 26th - 28th February

  • Year 5 Residential - 2nd - 6th March

  • Fun Day - Saturday 7th March

  • Y4 Music Concert (3 classes TBC) - Tuesday 19th March @ 8.15 am in Drama Studio

  • Y4 Music Concert (4 classes TBC) - Tuesday 19th March @ 8.15 am in Drama Studio

  • Dance ECA and Dance Squad Concert Term 2 - Wednesday 18th March @ 4 pm in Sports Hall

  • Book week - 23rd - 27th March

  • Songkran Assembly & Last day of term 2- Friday 3rd April