Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
12 January, 2021

Heads Lines: Launching Term 2 through VSE

Heads Lines: Launching Term 2 through VSE Here's to a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year. We are back learning online and there have been campus developments in Primary helping to keep our school clean. head hl

Here's to a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year. We are back learning online and there have been campus developments in Primary helping to keep our school clean.

Launching Term 2 through VSE

I sincerely hope everyone had a delightful and well-deserved holiday. I also want to wish a successful, happy and healthy New Year to each and every member of our school community.

As you are aware, the COVID-19 infection rate in Thailand has unfortunately skyrocketed, and Bangkok has been designated a high-risk area resulting in all schools ordered to close by the Ministry of Education (MOE) until the 31st January 2021. With stricter measures, limited travel and work from home across the country, it is expected that the number of COVID-19 infections will be reduced and that schools will be allowed to open on the 1st of February.

Therefore, Term 2 kicks off with everyone learning through our Virtual School Experience (VSE). This online infrastructure provided a strong interactive learning environment when we had to lockdown during Term 3 of last academic year. Thanks to suggestions and feedback from parents, students and teachers, we have been able to further develop the VSE - making learning for each age group more immersive and also more understandable so all students can engage with a wide range of topics and continue to develop requisite skills.

To find out more about the VSE and familiarise yourself with all the varied platforms that the children will be using during this time, please visit

Holiday work

The Primary School campus remained a hotbed of activity during the Christmas and New Year’s vacation. As residents have long known, Bangkok has suffered from poor air conditions due to high levels of pollution. To combat this ever-growing problem, we have installed a positive pressure air purification system into all shared areas. Clean air is drawn into this system and then pumped in the shared spaces creating slightly positive pressure zones which force air to flow into the classrooms and other teaching areas. In addition to the air purifiers already in classrooms and other learning spaces, this system will ensure the air quality inside our buildings remains clean and healthy. As this positive pressure system has also been added to all High School, we can all have peace of mind that the air quality in learning environments will be of immaculate standards.

Also at our Primary School, we have been waiting to complete the covered walkways that link the different buildings of the school. The first section outside of the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 building was completed during the holiday, with the remaining areas to follow soon.

Nord Anglia Education (NAE) Parents Survey.

I would really appreciate it if everyone in the school community could please take the time to complete the NAE Parents Survey. This survey aims to discover more about your experiences with our school. It provides us with very useful information which we can use to continue developing as a school, especially in regards to how we are performing, managing the curriculum, improving the facilities, and enhancing many of the school's administrative services which support parents.

This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous, with the answers going directly to the central organising team of NAE. This team analyses each school’s responses to the questions, feeding their findings back to the school to enable us to put in place improvement plans that will address the main areas of concern expressed.

Please make the time to complete this survey to have a full picture of what the school needs to undertake to support you and your children further.

STA Community Golf Day

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the STA Community Golf Day on Saturday 16th January. We plan to re-schedule this later in the school year, and we will be in touch with the new date as soon as possible.

School Calendar

Our school will follow the recently updated school calendar that has been shared with our school community and which is available on our school website. For your convenience, you can find the updated school calendar for 2020-2021 here.

For parents with enquiries about Primary School, please contact or Tel: +66 2 381-2387-8.

For parents with enquiries about High School, please contact or Tel: +66 2 056-9555.