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04 November, 2021

Global Campus: First Language Japanese Bilingual Book Writers!

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I was very impressed with his (Zen Year 4) coding skills.
Mr Jon - Year 3 Teacher
Mr Jon - Year 3 Teacher
Global Campus: First Language Japanese Bilingual Book Writers! Eleven STA students learning Japanese in Primary and High School receive Global Campus Bronze, Silver and Gold badges for outstanding efforts and contributions in the GC Bilingual Book Writing Project. Global Campus01

Bilingual Book Writers is all about praising bilingualism and learning how to create a bilingual children’s book!  

STA students became researchers and factual writers as they enthusiastically accepted the Global Campus challenge to write bilingual biographies or books of their choice in Japanese with English translations. 

Snapshots from the award-winning Global Campus bilingual writers' books

Award speeches and plans for the future

Hiaya, Aki, Hiyo, Cinci, Mio, Dhanush, Ami, Ayame and Zen have received Bronze, Silver and Gold badges for their pieces of work. See what badges they won and plans for the future in their acceptance speeches below...

How St Andrews students approached the challenge… 
  1. After learning how to write a biography in Primary School our students understood the features of a strong and concise biography. The students were eager to apply this knowledge toward the challenge of writing bilingual biographies. 

  2. Self-independent research was a core component of the challenge, using reliable sources to help build an inventory of facts.

  3. The next task was applying their learnt language skills and devices in Japanese to translate their bank of facts. 

  4. Our students then got creative with how they presented their findings and bilingual pieces of writing. 

  5. We saw a huge range of fabulous publications ranging from artsy powerpoints to informative PDFs, audiobooks and creative videos. One talented student in Year 4 even coded his own webpage to present his work. 

  6. Our fabulous students were awarded an expanse of Bronze, Silver and Gold badges from Global Campus.

  7. It was here our students reflected on their work and set targets for the future.