Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
11 January, 2022

Head’s Lines: Welcome to the start of Term 2!

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Head’s Lines: Welcome to the start of Term 2! I hope everyone has had a great holiday and that you are ready for your children to dive back into their studies. 11 Jan 21 Hero image01

I hope everyone has had a great holiday and that you are ready for your children to dive back into their studies. Please complete the NAE Satisfaction Survey to help guide and focus action plans on how to improve our whole school community.

Welcome to the start of Term 2! I hope everyone has had a great holiday, and that you are ready for your children to dive back into their studies.

Many in our community have enjoyed travelling around Thailand or finally going abroad to see family for the first time since the pandemic began. Due to the emergence of the highly transmissible Omicron COVID variant which is now spreading in Thailand and other parts of the world, we decided to start this term with the online Virtual School Experience (VSE). We ask that our school community continues to follow through with  twice-weekly ATK testing to ensure that by the time we fully open on Monday 17th January, everyone has shown that they are negative for COVID and sufficient time has passed for anyone who may have been potentially exposed to the virus over the holidays.

It is incredibly important that we all maintain social distancing and wear masks especially during this first week of VSE. We should also avoid settings where there is a high risk of exposure to infection. This will protect our whole school community and allow us to open and stay open for the rest of this term beginning on Monday 17th January.

For parents who have ordered and paid for ATK tests through school, they are available to be collected. An email was sent home with the specific pick-up details last week.

For Primary School, ATK Tests will be available from Monday 10th January and can be collected from the main security guards station at the Primary School Campus between 8 am - 2 pm. Please bring your Family ID card for identification.

For High School, ATK Tests will be available for pickup from Monday 10th January to Wednesday, 12th January between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. 

It is important that ATK tests are administered every Sunday night / Monday morning and Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, and that parents share their children’s test results via the Moodle Health App. We shall continue to work hard and with vigilance to keep our school community safe with as little COVID infection as possible. We also aim to provide clear communication with those directly affected within our whole school community as appropriate. 

Please remember that if your child or anyone in your family has a high temperature or slight fever along with a sore throat and possibly runny nose and cough, please use the ATKs to confirm that they do not have COVID infection before sending them to school. Please keep your children off school until these symptoms are no longer present. While these symptoms present similarly to the common cold and influenza A, it is better under the present conditions to err on the side of caution and have potentially infected individuals stay at home. Please do keep us informed so that we can support your family.

Thank you in advance for your vigilance and support in this matter. 

NAE Parents Satisfaction Survey

The Nord Anglia Education (NAE) Parents Satisfaction Survey was sent to parents at the end of Term 1. There is a wide range of areas where NAE requests your feedback on how our school is managing the education of your children. 

The survey is organised and run by an external provider to NAE, so all your answers, comments and information you provide are anonymous. The information is analysed by the survey organiser and then provided to NAE Central and Regional Teams before being presented back to schools as a tool to guide and focus action plans on how to improve.

So far we have had a very low response rate and it would be greatly appreciated if families could spare 10-15 minutes to complete this survey. It is a great way of feeding back to NAE about what you feel about our School and how we can improve in any areas where you feel this is necessary. I would really appreciate it if you could find the time to complete this survey

For parents with enquiries, please contact You can also call the Primary School directly at +66 2 381-2387-8 or the High School at +66 2 056-9555.