12 May, 2022

Message from our Head of Early Years

It was great to welcome the children back to school last Wednesday. 

There was great enthusiasm and excitement on the campus. The children gave a warm welcome to new friends in their class. As the weather is getting warmer, it is great to take full advantage of the fantastic outdoor learning space that we have to offer at school. We have plenty of large spaces where the children can crawl, hop, run and jump— and some quiet, shady corners where they can talk with friends and look at books, or go hunting for the most beautiful fallen leaves and flowers. The children have started to plant seeds to grow in the garden and they are looking forward to learning about how to care for plants and watching them grow.

The children enjoyed the sport enrichment session this week. They developed their gross motor skills following the instructor around the course. The children all demonstrated their excellent listening skills.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Parent Academy on 18th May which will focus on Reading.