19 May, 2022

Ebru Art in Year 4

This week Year 4 were visited by a Turkish artist Miss Suna Koçal. 

Miss Koçal currently holds a Guinness World Record for the largest Ebru Art and she has been holding this record for nine years. Year 4 learned how to paint on water using natural materials, for example, the paint brushes were made from wood and horse mane. Ebru is painting on top of water and to make sure the paint stayed on top of the water we used an extract from ox bile. Year 4 were having so much fun painting on water and designing pictures, some children painted flowers and others did older Turkish techniques and their own style. After each child created their masterpiece they got their photo taken with the artist. The wonderful Turkish art master pieces have now been hung up on the Year 4 display board.
By Aleisha, Year 4 student