24 November, 2023

UNICEF World Children's Day

World Children Day-World Children Day-DSC04480re
This week we have celebrated children’s rights across the school to mark the 34th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Central to our school’s focus on Social Impact, educating children about their rights helps us foster empathy and social awareness in our community. Through classroom activities and special events, students were encouraged to think critically and creatively, reflecting on their role in the school and wider society. Head Students attended Senior Leadership Team meeting on Monday to pitch their ideas on how to improve our school, making a valued and meaningful contribution to school leadership and decision making. We kicked the week off by turning the school blue and collecting donations for UNICEF. Social Impact Team would like to thank all families who contributed to the collection. We are proud to have collected 5367,53PLN, 30 euro and 10 dollars.

In Early Years, children explored what it means to be a child. Reception classes focused of what makes children happy, while Year 1 discussed what children need and how they can be taken care of by the adults in their lives. Pre-nursery students had plenty of fun making blue play dough to mark the day.  

World Children Day-World Children Day


In Primary, Grasshoppers Class hosted the Years 2 and 3 assembly and Knight Class performed their own rendition of Cinderella, inviting Year 4, 5 and 6 students to reflect on the rights issues which the story raises. In lessons, students learnt about children’s rights, especially that they are universal and unconditional, and that they apply to all children and young people everywhere, all the time. Classes engaged in activities with the global NAE community through Global Campus, and completed in-school challenges, creating posters, thank you cards for duty bearers at school, and ‘I am unique’ leaflets, to name just a few.


World Children Day-World Children Day

In Secondary, students actively engaged with issues linked to children’s rights through their learning in PSHE and Enrichment lessons. It was a pleasure to talk to many of our students this week and hear them speak with confidence about how positive relationships are encouraged at school through a focus on children’s rights; and how their actions and those of others contribute to children and young people feeling included and valued at school. To mark the whole community’s commitment to children’s rights, on Wednesday morning, Primary and Secondary school students came together to create a mural representing the Convention.  

World Children Day-World Children Day

At home, families have been invited to participate in World Children’s Day activities and to complete a survey. The links are still active and I would like to encourage all families to explore them.

Dr Maria Britton 

Social Impact Lead