27 May, 2022

Hidden Talent

Celebrating the achievements of our pupils outside of the classroom!

This week: Dimitar Ilko I. (Mitko) – Swimming

Who are you and what class are you in?

My name is Dimitar but most people call me Mitko and I am in Year 6 Hawthorn.

What is your hidden talent?

I swim and I want to be a pro swimmer.

Why do you enjoy it so much?

I like the water, the feeling of water when swimming. I was just looking for a sport to and I like being active. I started when I was 6, joined a club when I was 8. Then I took a gap in swimming but then I started again, at first having to force myself but now I set myself goals for different strokes or events and I really enjoy it. I would never have thought about going pro but I really enjoy it, so that is my aim. 

I don’t have specialty stroke yet but I might pick butterfly. Butterfly is a strength based stroke, it is a short access stroke. The intensity is very high and it is less common for people my age.

Why is it important to work hard towards your goal?

You have to work hard for things, it is about the effort you put in to something. You have to enjoy doing the hard work but it is also important not to over-do it, I’m just 11 after all.

Have you taken part in any competitions or ways to show your talent outside of school?

I have one this week. Since my last competition I have improved by 5 seconds so I feel good about the upcoming competition. I made a road map to help me and I am aiming for 100m freestyle 1.05 and for 50 Butterfly I am aiming for 32 seconds. I’ll do my best.

What would you say to someone who might want to try something similar? 

I would tell them age doesn’t matter and it doesn’t matter where you start but it matters how much effort you put.

How has this hidden talent helped you?

When I didn’t swim I had so much energy in my and I couldn’t relax, but swimming had helped me focus and use up some of that energy. It has made me think about what I am eating too.