09 June, 2022

Crest Award Projects in KS3

Many science classes in Year 7, 8 and 9 have been devoted to some group projects this week.

These projects, once completed, could be submitted to for a Crest award. This is a British company that promotes and supports scientific investigation skills in schools. Each group has chosen their own project. These include: What makes the perfect cup of tea? Which is the best hair dye? How do you make a fizzy drink? and How can you power a rocket?


The students have had to plan what equipment they need, when they will carry out their experiments, what the experiments are and then they need to present everything before the end of term. This has led to some fantastic lessons where teamwork, leadership and planning skills have been displayed. Maybe we are looking at some future scientist in these photos?

Mrs V Tompsett

Teacher of Biology, Physics and Chemistry

Head of Year 8