15 June, 2022

An Alien's Guide to Europe

Children in Year 4 heard that aliens, who knew nothing about our host continent, would be visiting Europe. 

To help the visitors learn about Europe, children prepared a comprehensive guide for them, applying their understanding of the topics covered through our IPC unit called ‘Time and Place, Earth and Space’ to prepare puppet shows, dioramas, posters, maps, flyers, lego constructions, paintings, interactive games and puzzles, coding challenges and more for our visitors.

At 2pm on Wednesday, a group of friendly aliens from planet Parenthood descended on the school bearing gifts of snacks from various European countries.
The visitors were treated to a Juilliard Dance performance; an interactive display and celebration of learning; and to a special award giving ceremony during which we recognized those Earthlings who completed the Personal Learning Goal achievement record.

Children were excited to have met extraterrestrial creatures and are already planning to go on ‘Mission to Mars’ in Year 5 with a return visit.