29 June, 2022

Year 2 are Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice...

If you are what you eat, Year 2 are really delicious, scrumptious, and so cool and sweet! 

We ended the year with a double trip, an Exit Point over two days, thanks mainly to the kindness of two Year 2 families, immediate and extended!

Our final IPC unit was "We Are What We Eat",  where we studied food, fruit and vegetables, seeds and plants, the human digestive system and food that grows in our host country versus food with lots of air miles which must be imported. We also looked at the history of food/diets over time, which has been influenced by transport, refrigeration, travel, and convenience. Add to that art, with Arcimboldo-inspired collages and technology with making pizza fridge magnets and boxes, and you had a jam-packed eight weeks!

To end this unit, on Monday we went to Leila restaurant where the children ate yummy snacks and then prepared their own Gebbnah -  a type of pizza from the Middle East with cheese on top. Of course, we ate this too before returning to school. Then on Tuesday, the year group travelled to Majdan and the Grycan family's ice-cream factory. We were treated to lots of ice cream and sorbet but also to a tour of the production line, the preparations room, the laboratory and the freezing area. What fun! And what super timing - on one of the hottest days of the year. 

Thanks so much to all involved - Mr and Mrs Attun, Magdalena Grycan-Proczek and her mum and dad, Mr and Mrs Grycan and Leila and Julek, our Year 2 students who initiated these trips and got the ball rolling for us in both directions - to the restaurant and to the ice cream factory!