15 June, 2022

Year 6 Green Camp Report

Year 6 Green Camp Report
Year 6 had a fantastic time at Green Camp last week. There are so many exciting stories to tell that it could fill every article in the newsletter. 

Hopefully these small excerpts paint a picture of wonderful week.

Day 1 - By Yeva
We left school at 08:00 Am on Monday 30th May and travelled 6 hours on bus to Kruklanki in Mazuria where our camp was. We arrived just for lunch and when we made our beds gave our teacher our phones until the evening. Next 15 minutes we had lunch time after that they made us in groups and showed whole camp include the main building. I was in group B so first lesson we had baking, I made a muffin😊. After that we had really small break and then we had archery it was really fun. We went for dinner by groups, my group was 2nd it was around 19:00 when everyone finished the dinner.

Day 2- By Lili Jensen
We woke up at 7:30 to sun and we ate breakfast. Then we had our first activity which was kayaking in a pair, and I was with Olimpia. We were Kayaking around the lake, we had to get a trainer to take us all the way back because I did all the work and my hands were mentally broken. I did a few other activities, but Kayaking was my favourite. In the evening we had a bonfire with sausages and went to bed.

Kayaking by Michal K
Sit on top kayaking is a one-person kayak, we used double paddles and it was incredibly fun. The most entertaining fact was that we were supposed to have it on the first day, but the weather did not let us. Then it moved to the third day and the same thing happened but 100 times worse. Thunder and lightning seemed to fill the sky; we ran to the shelter but not everyone made it before they got soaked. We watched from the room window how some instructors came back with equipment, all soggy to the bones. The next day we finally had the legendary sit on top kayaking, we felt like a storm was about to start, was it a curse? We pulled the kayaks to the shore, and it was about time to get in. As we went in, were sparkling with excitement, but as we got offshore to the first buoy - it happened! It started raining and the wind was howling. Of course, I did not mind because I had brought special waterproof trousers and a jacket. We went to the bridge and then back to the lake, and then ‘puff’ the sun was shining, but unfortunately it was time to go. It was a great, fun experience.

Best moments – Alex W and Olimpia
My favorite things about green camp were disco and bonfire I had a lot of fun talking to my friends and playing volleyball on bonfire and the disco was a cool place to spend time with my friends.
From the activities my favorite one was kayaking because I really like water activities that include some hard work. I had a lot of fun there because I was with my friends who helped when I couldn’t do something.

On green camp my favorite activity was S.U.P it was very fun, and I loved jumping in the water! Archery was also extremely fun and after a couple of tries I managed to hit pretty close to the target (: . I also have to mention ART because I really enjoyed swapping my drawing every five minutes.
I cannot wait for next year <3