23 June, 2022

Message from our Principal

With our Secondary students away on Green Camps, our Primary students really made the most of the extra space, both inside and outside of the campus this week! 

There have been so many events scheduled that my calendar has been bursting with activity.

Where shall I start? Celebrating learning is always pleasurable and is quite often seen through our ‘exit points’, the event that happens at the end of an IPC topic. It has been wonderful to be able to share the children’s learning with parents this week and I have been particularly impressed with the children’s growing confidence. Their articulation and explanations of how and what they have learned is credit-worthy – well done to all our learners!

Of particular note, is the incredible achievement through the medium of dance. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest have been delivering the Juilliard provision in discrete dance lessons and it was a pleasure to see as classes were brought together through fun, imaginatively choreographed performances. Next year, we will welcome specialist visits from Juilliard alumni for demonstration lessons in Music, Dance and Drama. We hope that parents will be able to attend some of these sessions and dates will be shared next year.

The Dab Campus also came alive as year group celebrations were held outside in the garden areas. What amazing talent is being nurtured from such a young age, when children are at their most creative. The performances were very well attended by parents who were so complementary of the achievements of our youngest learners.

Finally, I was an incredibly proud principal yesterday when I attended the Year 6 graduation. Held in the IB College, the event had a degree of sophistication with the flower-lined red carpet providing a celebratory walk-way for our graduates. The end of the primary phase is a moment to reflect and we heard students and past teachers recalling memories from as early as Reception. Year 6 students ended the event by conducting their own awards ceremony and presenting gifts to well-deserved teachers and staff. Year 6, you are amazing in so many ways and are certainly ready for Year 7 next year!

I  look forward to seeing many of you next week, our last week of this school year.