29 September, 2023

PTA Corner

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The PTA have been busy this week planning for International Week.

International Fair

The PTA Committee and over 100  parent volunteers are organising International food fairs on both campuses. We are deeply grateful to all of the parents who have signed up to represent their country at this educational event for our children with the focus on culture and food.

If you have volunteered to participate at the International Fair please come to a short meeting next week to find out the final arrangements. If you are unable to attend this information will be shared with you by email after the meeting.

Lim Campus - Monday 2nd October 08:30 in the IB Canteen

Dab Campus – Thursday 5th October 09:00 in the STEAM room

*If you signed up to volunteer at the International Fair but have not been contacted please email us directly tbscountryrep@gmail.com and ptadabcoordinator.tbs@gmail.com

In order to reduce the waste produced at this event we are requesting that students come to the fair with their own container. Primary students who bring their own container to the Fair will receive a House Point.

Please note, that we want this to be a positive experience for you and your children. As such, we ask that you please note the following reminders:

- This is a student-only event; no parents other than fair volunteers will be admitted

- Sweets may be offered to students

- Dishes containing dairy, eggs, gluten, and other possible allergens may be offered to students

- Dishes containing pork, beef, and fish may be offered to students

If your child has any dietary, religious, or personal restrictions, please inform your teacher by the 6th of October.

PTA Second Hand Uniform Shop

We would like to remind you that the Second Hand Uniform Shop is open every Monday 08:00-08:30. Our amazing PTA team in the shop give a lot of their time washing donated uniform, organising and running the shop on Monday mornings so please remember to be respectful and polite when you are visiting the shop. All proceeds from the Second Hand Uniform Shop are used towards PTA events and initiatives, such as the children’s gifts at Christmas and Easter. And please remember to bring cash! 

We are also pleased to announce that we have a very limited stock of  NEW UNIFORM FROM TRUTEX for sale in the shop (including the long style tie). The new uniform will be priced the same as Trutex. 

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