Our dedicated English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme ensures every student is able to immerse themselves in the rhythm and flow of the English language - both in lessons and outside the classroom.


EAL at BIS Hanoi

At BIS Hanoi, we offer an EAL programme to students who need additional support with their English speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing.

At Primary, we'll consult with you to understand your child's needs. We'll also assess whether your child requires support. Their needs are continually assessed and may be reduced during the school year.

At Secondary, we offer ongoing EAL support to students until they're able to work independently in mainstream classes. We provide both individual and small-group tuition, as well as in-class support.

Let's hear from some of our EAL students!

“My favourite activities in EAL class are writing and reading because I can learn about people and write about myself.” – Maya (Year 4) 

Before enrolling to BIS Hanoi, Maya spoke Spanish (her mother tongue) and a little bit of German. She started learning English only when she joined our school. Her English improved fast as a result of using this language both at school and at home with her siblings (who also enrolled with us). She soon became very active in her studies and personal life. Let's hear what Maya has to say about her experience with learning English at BIS Hanoi! 

“English was difficult for me at first, but I have improved since I kept reading and writing regularly in English.”
– Jiwon (Year 5)

Jiwon joined BIS Hanoi last year with no English and is now by far one of the most active students in the class. He is now able to independently read books in English and is confident in his writing too. Let's hear what Jiwon has to say about getting his English up to speed at BIS Hanoi!


“The most interesting thing about English is that it helps me to talk to other people from all over the world,” - Sunwoo (Year 5)

Although English is not his mother tongue, his English skills have significantly improved since he started attending our EAL classes two years ago. He has become more confident in expressing himself and trying new things. Last year, he won the Primary Talent Show, and this year, he participated in the UKMT Maths challenge and joined the student leadership team as a Playground Leader. Let's hear what Sunwoo has to say about his English language acquisition journey at BIS Hanoi!


Every student experiences excellence at BIS Hanoi. In our nurturing environment – where everyone feels like they belong – your child will learn and grow, developing the breadth of skills they need to flourish. 

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