At BIS Hanoi, your child's health, happiness, and wellbeing are our top priority. We strive to achieve a healthy balance of education and development, which encompasses the academic, the creative, the social, and the emotional.
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Wellbeing and pastoral care 

Our bespoke wellbeing programme nurtures our students’ sense of identity, builds resilience, and enables them to look after their physical and emotional health.


It includes three elements:  


We support our students to grow emotionally and socially so they can use their thoughts and feelings to develop personal awareness, emotional resilience, and social skills. This enables them to enjoy and manage their lives both now and in the future, and to be effective learners and active citizens.



Our school nurses are on hand to look after students who become ill or injure themselves during the school day. The school contacts parents if their child becomes ill and is unable to stay at school.

In the case of a medical emergency, we'll transport your child to a local international clinic, unless you have specified a different clinic or hospital. A responsible adult from the school will accompany the student and await the arrival of the parents.

Nurses attend major sports fixtures on campus. They also occasionally accompany school trips and visits.



Any primary student who has been seen by the nurse and received medical attention will be issued with a note informing parents of the actions taken.



Students may ask their teacher to visit the nurse. If a child is given medicine, a note will be added to their diary, indicating the type of medicine and the time at which it was given. A record will also be entered onto our school management information system (iSAMS).


Medical form

You must complete a medical form for your child before they start at our school. Please keep the office informed of any change in home, business, or emergency phone numbers.



For more information about health and wellbeing, please download our Primary Parent Handbook and/or Secondary Parent Handbook.

Primary Parent Handbook 2022-2023

Secondary Parent Handbook 2023-2024