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Nord Anglia
05 October, 2018

Welcoming Parents to BIS Hanoi

Welcoming Parents to BIS Hanoi

We always enjoy welcoming parents to our school to share our learning.

Welcoming Parents to BIS Hanoi We always enjoy welcoming parents to our school to share our learning.

We always enjoy welcoming parents to our school to share our learning.

Dear Parents,

Year 7 BIS Hanoi Students Begin the Year Successfully

Thank you to all of the Year 7 parents who attended the “Meet the Tutor” evening on Tuesday. We hope you found the experience a positive one. After reflecting on the evening with Mr Trett, Head of Key Stage 3, we will organise the event differently next year. We will hold the event later in Term 1 and make it a full parents’ evening so that parents can meet all of their children’s subject teachers. We are certain that this will be a more valuable and informative experience for our busy parents.

Postponement of the British Festival at Hoan Kiem Lake, Friday 5-Sunday 7 October

Please note that this weekend’s British Festival has been postponed. BIS Hanoi students are no longer required to attend this event.

Please see the British Embassy’s reasoning for postponing this event (below):

We regret to inform you that the #INSPIREME Festival has been postponed. 

As you may know, the national period of mourning and funeral of former Secretary General Do Muoi will take place over this weekend. As a mark of respect to the family, the #Inspireme festival has been postponed. 

We apologise for any inconvenience and will keep you updated on the new date upon further notice from the Embassy. 

Nord Anglia STEAM Festival in Cambodia 3-6 October

We have had some exciting updates from Mr Toner and the students attending the above event. The creative potential of students collaborating in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics is enormous. Imagine all those brilliant and enthusiastic young minds coming together to create and innovate. The thought of it is inspiring and a unique opportunity for Nord Anglia students. You can find more information about STEAM Festival here.

Two important Parent Information Events next week

For parents of children attending the Tanzania trip, Mr Forster, Global Campus Coordinator, and Ms Rea, Head of Performing Arts, will be hosting a parent-student information evening on Monday next week, 8th October at 5.15pm in the school Theatre.

For parents of Year 11 students, we are delighted to invite you to take part in our International Baccalaureate Options Fair on Thursday 11th October between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. There will be a short presentation from the IB Coordinator in the Theatre at 5:00pm and repeated at 6:00pm, which will review important information about subject choices within the IB Diploma or BIS Hanoi Diploma. 
After the presentation, you are encouraged to seek out the specialist advice of our subject teachers in the Library. Our team of subject teachers will be able to show you examples of the course content and assessment, as well as answer any of your questions.      

Tim Webb
Head of Secondary