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News image FULL STEAM AHEAD for this year’s First M.I.T. CHALLENGE! - full-steam-ahead-for-this-years-first-mit-challenge News | mit | Homepage Featured Article | School News
FULL STEAM AHEAD for this year’s First M.I.T. CHALLENGE!
This week, the Primary section of BISB has been going full-STEAM ahead with the first of our MIT challenges! This year’s challenges, set specifically for Nord Anglia students by experts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are all about Extreme Weather.
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News image STEAM-MIT Minecraft Education - steam-mit-minecraft-education News | mit | Global Campus | Homepage Featured Article
STEAM-MIT Minecraft Education
As the first MIT-STEAM Challenge of the year lifted off, the prospect of being virtual did not affect our students. Thanks to their ingenuity and Minecraft Education, they were able to create new objects/processes to allow life in space to continue as normal (as normal as you can be in low gravity) for those participating in sport, art or preparing food.
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