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07 June, 2022

Forest School

Through our forest school sessions, children learn about our world. They investigate, explore and have the opportunity to be nature detectives. Everyone is considered a friend.

Forest School - an adventure through outdoor experiences

Nowadays, an increasing number of us are becoming more environmentally conscious and looking for ways we can help the younger generations to appreciate the outdoors and natural environments.

The emphasis is also on the importance of understanding well-being and self-development at an early age. One of the ways to achieve this goal is through the Forest School project - a holistic approach which encourages children's imagination, builds their self-confidence and self-esteem, and creates a desire to understand, learn and respect the natural world around them. The Forest School project is aimed at Nursery and Reception (Early Explorers) and Years 1 to 6  Primary School children.

The British International School Bratislava regular outdoor visits to the Dubravka forest and school gardens leave children with beautiful memories and adventures. During these sessions children might be den building, climbing trees, building fires and learning about the plants and local wildlife in the natural world around them. The children are watching how tiny buds and shoots are forming and beginning to open and bloom; they are learning about the life cycles of plants and what plants need to grow and about new animal life as Spring brings the animals, birds and insects back to the gardens.

All the sessions are connected to the school curriculum and they are compiled under the guidance of highly educated and experienced Forest School practitioners.

Through curiosity, exploration and discovery even children with complex learning difficulties including autism, behavioural difficulties, speech and language difficulties and those with problems with their hearing and vision can enjoy and self-initiate their own learning with great success.

Equality, achievement and self-belief help the children to return to the classroom feeling that they can accomplish and succeed in what they do. Every child is valued, and their input is vital; we work as a team, and they respect and treat each other fairly and as equals.