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07 June, 2019

Writing a Personal Statement

This piece of writing will have a significant impact on your future.

For UCAS applications no more than 47 lines or 4000 characters (including spaces). 
For other countries similar statements or essays are required so make sure you learn how to do this. You will need to write in a similar for future job applications as well.

This piece of writing will have a significant impact on your future!

There has to be an overall plan...

  • Introduction - Why this subject? Demonstrate understanding of the subject.
  • Demonstration of academic interest and suitability in the subject.
  • Linking relevant skills and experience to support the application.
  • Closing statement showing you are determined to be successful.

You should cover the following points:

  • Why you have chosen this course
  • Enthusiasm for and interest in the subject area
  • Background reading/research (Extended Essay and beyond)
  • Extra projects (Extended Essay and beyond)
  • Extra curricular activities (how they relate to the course)
  • Work experience (shows initiative and understanding of the subject)
  • Future career hopes and plans
  • What you hope to gain from university
  • You should have roughly two thirds subject related and one third of other stuff.
  • Try to link your extra curricular activities and CAS to your subject by using the A B C structure. (Briefly describe the Activity, explain how you Benefited from it and how this links to the Course)
  • Extra curricular activities are good but "super curricular" are best! Focus on experiences and achievements which are directly related to the subject. If you don't have any, use your initiative and do something related to the subject you want to study.
  • Read books related to the subject you want to study.

Links and resources to help you write your personal statement: