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Nord Anglia
21 May, 2020

BISW Virtual Positivity Day

BISW Virtual Positivity Day BISW students spent Thursday working on a special project named, “The Positive Project”. The day focused on getting students to think positively about different elements of the world around them and themselves.

Students started the day with a research challenge asking the question, “What positive outcomes have come from the lockdown? What can we bring with us in the future?”. Students were then guided to complete broader research and then asked to pick an area they felt they had interest in and explore further. The project culminated with each student posting their findings and ideas for the future on our virtual Flip Grid wall. As well as students and staff using the wall to leave video feedback and questions to each other.


Reading and observing the positivity wall really helped students and staff see the lessons we can learn from during our current situation. Staff especially were very impressed with the depth of the students work.


Later in the day after their break, students focused their attention on the topic of  “mindfulness”. They had a variety of mindful activities to choose from such as a mindfulness jar, breathing exercises, positive pants, practicing gratitude, a rainbow walk, scavenger hunt, journaling and doodling. The idea was to choose the activities that suited them, and that they enjoyed creating to make a mindfulness toolkit of their own. The idea is that they can then use these strategies if/when they feel they need to. This could be if they are stressed with schoolwork, friendship issues, they have a foggy brain, or they just need a brain break.


Then after lunch, students were working on the physical side of mindful movement, incorporating a mind-body connection. Again, there were a variety of activities to choose from such as virtual sports day, their own movement, walking, riding a bike, working out and etc. The idea is that movement routines and activities are more than just physical when done mindfully, they allow the mind to focus, engage and be present.


Rachel White-Hunt 

Director of Performing Arts