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September 21, 2020

Student Achiever Highlight - Makers Spaces Discussion Panel

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Student Achiever Highlight - Makers Spaces Discussion Panel This week BISW would like highlight one of Year 11 students for being picked to take part in an evening discussion and showcase for Maker Spaces dealing with Covid. In addition to starting his own podcast similar to the panel discussion. Unknown2

On Wednesday, September 16, Year 11 student Leo McErlane appeared as a guest moderator on a Maker Spaces discussion panel. Maker Spaces is an organization that provides collaborative workspaces inside schools, libraries and other public and private facilities. These workspaces are areas in which students can create, learn, explore and share with one another and use everything from high-tech to no-tech tools. The workspaces provide hands-on learning, help with critical thinking skills and boost self-confidence.


The discussion’s topic was digital growth, and the hosts allocated a 15-minute time slot to talk about their interests. Leo’s interests included influential video games and movies, his own short films, and above all, his podcast. He received a lot of valuable feedback and made excellent connections with other people through this experience, and it helped to validate what he had worked on over the previous months.


The Maker Spaces team gave Leo special recognition. The other guests and audience members were respectful and gave Leo their time and attention. Leo appreciated the chance to talk about the project, how it has grown and what he has learned from it. Leo thanks Mr. Williams, E-NABLE and Maker Spaces for all of their help.


Leo also has a podcast for people to check out. The Out of Interest Podcast is a conversation-based podcast with industry professionals and influencers. Leo’s podcast focuses on the internet, the modern world in which we live, and most importantly, how people today can thrive. The podcast discusses many topics including current events, technology, and future careers. Listeners receive a glimpse into various industries and hear a wide range of thought-provoking discussions.