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September 01, 2020

How BISW Technology Department is Thriving Through Social Distancing

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How BISW Technology Department is Thriving Through Social Distancing Head of Technology David Williams explains how he has kept BISW students designing, making and learning, even while studing virtually or remaining physically distanced in the building.

We are pleased to announce that our Head of Technology, David Williams, has been selected as a Nation of Makers Champion. As a champion, he is one of sixteen people driving forward makerspaces and makercommunities across America.


A makerspace is a collaborative workspace inside a school to be used for making, learning, exploring, and sharing. One of Nation of Maker Champions' missions is to inspire schools to provide some sense of normality for students while they design and create during this period of social distancing. His specific project on the team is to provide resources and guidance for people to start making and provide education in areas that they are unfamiliar with.


Below are a few examples of what Mr.Williams has been doing with his students here at BISW:

  • Year 7 students are currently designing pixel art, for which they will cut the wood, learn about wood stains, and assemble. 
  • Year 8  students will be making phone/tablet stands.
  • Year 9  students are currently designing mini log cabins that will be made into lanterns/birdhouses/storage boxes etc. 
  • Year 10 students are learning about making things to sell and the process of product design for customized items. For this students are making jewelry, custom bookmarks, face masks, customized notebooks, custom mechanical keyboard caps, custom leather ear pod cases, etc.
  • Year 11 students are having an introduction to architecture, are currently learning about the balance of form and function, and will be drawing out accurately an existing space they are familiar with and will then design an overhaul for that area taking on feedback from users and writing a budget plan. 


- David Williams

Head of Technology