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February 04, 2021

BISW Alumni Speaks: Darya Kalsi

BISW Alumni Speaks: Darya Kalsi - bisw-alumni-speaks-darya-kalsi
BISW Alumni Speaks: Darya Kalsi Alumna Darya Kalsi recalls how BISW and the Newspaper Club helped her prepare for university.

How many years were you enrolled in BIS Washington?

I was at BISW pretty much my whole life. 

What is your best memory from your time at school?

I enjoyed Year 12 because I bonded with all my classmates the most in that year. Also, in Year 12, there were new freedoms and new responsibilities.

What were some co-curriculars you focused on while a student?

I was in the Newspaper Club and the editor of it for a while. Before that, in Years 9 and 10, I was in the orchestra and played for school productions.

How did those experiences contribute to your engagement while at university?

I knew I wanted to study media at university, so the Newspaper Club at BISW helped me prepare for my university studies and gave me a good foundation of teamwork skills.

How did the IBDP prepare you for university?

It mainly prepared me in terms of academic writing through the EE, but it also taught me a lot about time management, which is important for the IB but also university—especially when you're trying to balance a social life and work. 

How was the transition to university?

The transition has had its ups and downs due to COVID-19, but overall, it has been a smooth transition considering all the restrictions and rules about socialising. Everything continues to be online. I got used to virtual school at the end of Year 13, so for me, it has not been a huge transition in terms of work. The biggest transition has been the social aspect. 

What is the best aspect of your university studies?

I like the fact that there is a practice side to it instead of just all theory. In term 2, I get to spend 6 weeks developing projects for the practice areas I have chosen in media. For example, next term I will study animation and radio. 

Where is your favourite place to hang out on or near campus?

I like the college green area that sits outside the main building of my campus. It’s a nice grassy area, and it’s nice to sit there with your friends and hang out. 

What advice would you give your Year 11 self? What advice would you give your Year 13 self?

I would tell my Year 11 not to stress too much about exams because, while they are important, they do not determine everything in your future. For Year 13, I would say start revising for your exams early so that even when you finish the content you still have time to go over it again.