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November 10, 2021

BISW Alumni Speak: AlReem Al-Suwaidi

BISW Alumni Speak: AlReem Al-Suwaidi - bisw-alumni-speak-alreem-al-suwaidi
BISW Alumni Speak: AlReem Al-Suwaidi


Where are you attending university? What course are you studying? 

I am currently a freshman at Yonsei University, Underwood International College in South Korea. I am planning to major in Political Science and International Relations.

What is the best aspect of your university course and university?

What I like most about my university is that the college I am in is 100% liberal arts-based, so all of my freshmen courses, which are known as Common Curriculum, are all somewhat related to my major. Once I fulfill all the required CCs for my graduation, I’ll move to the main campus (from the international campus), and I’ll get to study my desired major there while living life in Seoul!

How many years were you enrolled in BIS Washington?

I attended BISW for the final two years of high school, for Years 12 and 13.

What is your best memory from your time at school?

I enjoyed going on our Tanzania trip and spending time with my friends and teachers before the pandemic lockdown.

What were some of the co-curriculars that you focused on while a student?

Unfortunately, I didn’t experience them fully because of the pandemic; however, if I were a high school student now, I’d join the basketball team or the debate team.

How did the IBDP prepare you for university?

I never thought I’d admit this, but it helped way more than I expected it would. All the hard work and effort did end up being worth it. So, to anyone who feels discouraged about EEs and IAs, let me tell you. University is all about that. But, because we practice it a lot during our IB years, it becomes easier and less of a challenge during your university years!

How was the transition to university?

I felt stressed because it was a new environment, and things were quite different from high school, but as soon as I got used to it, the days went by smoothly.

Where is/was your favourite place to hang out on/near campus?

Sadly, my first semester is online, so hopefully, I will get the chance to enjoy life on-campus next semester.

What advice would you give your Year 12 self? What advice would you give your Year 13 self?

I’d advise the Year 12 version of me to take schoolwork a bit more seriously so that I wouldn’t find it challenging to catch up with my fellow classmates in terms of EE and IA deadlines and so on. As for the Year 13 version of me, I would say relax a bit and take deep breaths. Don’t stress too much about your external exams, and honestly, enjoy the last year being a high school student!