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December 10, 2021

BISW Alumni Speak: Britt Oranje

BISW Alumni Speak: Britt Oranje - bisw-alumni-speak-britt-oranje
BISW Alumni Speak: Britt Oranje

Britt Oranje, BISW Class of 2021


How many years were you enrolled in BIS Washington?

I was enrolled for five years.


What is your favourite memory from your time at school?

Tanzania was fantastic because we learned a lot and got to see what happens in the world around us.


What were some of the co-curriculars that you focused on while a student?

I was a part of the student council. In fact, I was one of the student council presidents. 


How did that experience contribute to your engagement while at university?

This experience taught me how to organize and plan events and be a leader. The smaller scale of being a student council president pushed me to present certain things in front of large groups of people and learn how to communicate well with those around me. My former role on the student council helped me in the specific part of the military that I chose. As an upcoming logistics officer, it is important to plan and organize. 


How did the IBDP prepare you for university?

The IBDP provided me with solid time management and organizational skills and prepared me for writing essays, which was excellent preparation for the Academy. 


How was the transition to university?

My transition was slightly different from other university students' because I chose to join the military; however, the IBDP prepared me well for my independence. 


Where are you attending/did you attend university? What course are you studying/did you study?

 I am attending the Dutch Military Academy, followed by service in the Army. I am currently in basic training, but I will focus on company studies within the military starting in January. 


What is the best aspect of your university course and university?

The best aspect of the Military Academy is the fact that there is a lot of balance between physical (i.e. the sports and the training moments in the woods) and studying. It pushes you to focus on your mental state, test yourself and push your limits. You get to know yourself.