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03 November, 2023

Principal Recommendation | Introducing INSIGHTS Magazine

Principal Recommendation | Introducing INSIGHTS Magazine - INSIGHTS PUBLICATION

Dear Parents, 

I write to you to draw your attention to a brand-new publication from Nord Anglia Education called INSIGHTS that looks at the subjects that matter most to young people and their parents when it comes to education.  


I first became aware of this magazine back in late September at our global Senior Leadership Conference and was hugely impressed by the thought-provoking content and opinions offered by the contributors. 


The articles cover topics such as: Do children need knowledge anymore when everything’s a click or a swipe away with AI? Does learning about ‘making a difference’ (as in social impact) actually make any difference?  


I was particularly interested into the article,  ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ Can children learn how to be happy? And if they can, will it make a difference? As this resonated so closely with my own beliefs about what is meant by a successful life, and how happiness is so entwined with success.  At BSN, we place great emphasis on well-being and our school counselor, Celine Zhang, and I have worked closely with all our staff on how to develop a close-knit community where students and staff look out for, support and protect each other - that “sense of connectedness between students” that Professor Blakemore defines as so vitally important – it’s an article that’s well-worth reading and I invite you to read, reflect, and share INSIGHTS by clicking here.


Matthew Shephard