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18 November, 2022

Life in Tashkent

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Tashkent is similar to many other major cities, particularly in Europe. Additionally, it has a clear cultural identity that is less evident in other places close to the UK. It also has the advantage of being less than a six hour flight from London.

Tashkent is a city with a rich history to be explored. There are reminders of the Soviet days and also a vibrant arts scene in the city, with some fantastic museums to visit. From an architectural standpoint, the city is a mesh of truly impressive buildings, old-style soviet apartment blocks, wide streets and underground walkways. Stated in many of the guide books you will read, Uzbekistan is said to be the greenest country in Asia with seasons not as harsh as some of the other post-soviet countries.

Tashkent is also a safe city. By taking the normal precautions necessary for any large metropolis, your stay will be a safe and memorable one. Tashkent is rapidly establishing an expatriate community with cultures represented from all over the world.

The city offers many shopping and dining options you would expect to find in a European city, with a fantastic array of cultural events and tourist sites on offer. Prices are high for some items, particularly when sampling the famed nightlife and top-end restaurants. However, cultural events and concerts can be enjoyed at a much lower cost than many European cities.

As you might expect, winter months in Tashkent are cold and snowy so a variety of winter sports and activities are available as well as some great scenery. Fortunately, heating also works extremely well, so there is always indoor refuge. Spring and summer months on the other hand are especially pleasant and lively, and the city transforms itself during good weather.

You can also explore the amazing mountains and nature that surrounds the city or even travel to other locations in Uzbekistan such as Samarkand that is only two hours away by French built high-speed trains.

In short, Tashkent is an exciting and exotic city. Many of our staff have enjoyed living and working here for several years.