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News image BVIS Hanoi_gardening 1 News | communityservice | Community Service | Hoạt động vì cộng đồng
BVIS students joined building community garden in Hanoi
In November 2022, students and teachers in Year 7 from BVIS Hanoi participated in the renovation of the garden at Red River, founded by Think Playgrounds.
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News image NDT_3577 News | schoolnews | School News | 5. Tin tức
Principal's update (28/11 - 2/12)
Highlight school news and sharing from Principal (November 28 to December 2)
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News image Web_FB_EN News | schoolnews | School News | 5. Tin tức
BVIS Hanoi's exclusive offers for HSBC Premier customers until 2023
BVIS Hanoi and HSBC proudly announce our exclusive offers for HSBC Premier Customers when applying to BVIS Hanoi
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News image Open DayBANNER07 Blog | academicresults1 | Academic Results
Nha Truc (Class of 2022) – First student of BVIS Hanoi study at Oxford University
Nha Truc who was a Head Student with many achievements in learning and activities, will study at Oxford University.
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