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News image Open DayBANNER05 Blog | academicresults1 | Academic Results
Dan Chi (Class of 2022) – An alumni who achieved three A*’s in A Level examination
With all three A*'s in A Level exam, Dan Chi will be a student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
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News image Open DayBANNER01 Blog | academicresults1 | Academic Results
Ngoc Tue (Class of 2022) – now a student at King’s College London
With excellent A Level results – A* in Geography and 2 A’s for Math and Chemistry, Ngoc Tue has officially become a student at King's College London - MSci in Chemistry with Biomedicine.
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News image MicrosoftTeamsimage News | schoolnews | School News | 5. Tin tức
Last August, the BVIS Hanoi team proved their superb skills at the Global round of the World Scholar's Cup competition taking place in Prague, Czech Republic.
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News image NAT00579 News | academicresults1 | Academic Results
Trường BVIS Hà Nội đạt điểm xuất sắc trong kỳ thi A Level và học sinh ưu tú đỗ Đại học Oxford
Trong kỳ thi A Level (Quốc tế Tú tài Anh) năm 2022, số lượng điểm A* đến A chiếm 35% tổng số điểm của học sinh trường BVIS Hà Nội và trường ghi nhận một học sinh trúng tuyển trường đại học top đầu thế giới - Đại học Oxford.
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News image BVIS Hanoi_World Scholars Cup link image News | schoolnews | School News | 5. Tin tức
BVIS Hanoi’ students won high achievements in World Scholar Cup Regional Round 2022
On June 7, five students from BVIS Hanoi successfully gained great prizes at the World Scholar Cup Regional Round 2022.
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News image NDT_0325 News | schoolnews | School News | 5. Tin tức
BVIS Hanoi received Well-being Award For Schools from UK for outstanding physical and mental health work
On June 13, 2022, BVIS Hanoi received the Well-Being Award for Schools from the National Children’s Bureau and Optimus Education.
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News image Hoseong photo Blog | secondaryupdates | Secondary | 03. Cập nhật từ hiệu phó khối Trung học
HoSeong and road to King’s College London
HoSeong is an alumnus of BVIS Hanoi who graduated in 2021. He is studying at King's College London, major in Economics.
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News image NDT_1799 News | schoolnews | School News | 5. Tin tức | Secondary | 2a. Blog khối Trung học
Students of BVIS Hanoi officially received IGCSE certificates
On April 21's evening, nearly 100 students of BVIS Hanoi received the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).
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News image Untitled1 News | primaryblogs | Primary | 3a. Blog khối Tiểu học
BVIS Buzz Newsletter: Edition 1 in March 2022
Welcome to the First Edition of BVIS Buzz newsletter, produced by our Primary students.
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News image EYFS 1 Blog
6 must-have features of outstanding schools
What kind of school should parents be looking for when their child is a fully formed, shiny adolescent? Let see what are the six must-have features of the school that a child should attend!
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News image Chi Vinh Y3 and An Yen EYFS News | communityservice | Community Service | Hoạt động vì cộng đồng | School News | 5. Tin tức
Tet Shoeboxes: Early Year and Year 1 students’ meaningful gift for disadvantaged children living in Hanoi
Linked with the IPC topic about Celebrations, our Early Year and Year 1 students participated in the Tet Shoeboxes project where they prepared useful items in a gift box for disadvantaged children living in Hanoi. Their gift boxes were fully handed to those who were in need before Tet holiday.
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