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10 November, 2023

Weekly Updates on 10/11/2023

Every week, BVIS Hanoi's Senior Leadership Team sends out an article to parents to highlight news of the week. The article includes four sections: updates from our Principal, Head of Primary, Head of Secondary and upcoming events announcement.


1. Celebrate 10 Years of BVIS Hanoi

In keeping with our 10 year anniversary, each week we will be sharing 10 good reasons why our school is great. Today I am sharing the EYFS good reasons, read here: 10 Good Reasons To Be In EYFS Of BVIS Hanoi.

We invite you all to use our Facebook frame to celebrate 10 years of BVIS Hanoi.

Here are instructions on how to replace the Facebook profile photo frame to celebrate BVIS Hanoi's 10th anniversary

  • Step 1: Access the link
  • Step 2: Select your photo, align it in the frame
  • Step 3: Continue and Download
  • Step 4: Change your Facebook profile picture, tag #10yearsBVIS #MyBVIS to spread the word!

2. FOBISIA Annual Leadership Conference

As you are aware we invest heavily in our training of teachers and leaders. Being part of NAE gives all our staff access to Nord Anglia University for the very latest innovations in learning and teaching. In addition, we are also part of FOBISIA – the leading organisation of prestigious British schools across Asia. Last weekend our leadership team and I attended the annual leadership conference hosted in Kuala Lumpur. There were over 250 leaders from across Asia discussing and sharing good ideas on how to make our schools better. The conference was opened by a speech from Sir Clive Woodward on how to get the best out of your teams.



3. Thank you for joining the BritCham Fun Run 2023

A big thank you to all of you who attended the Britcham charity run last weekend. I saw all the amazing photos of the event and it looked great, thank you for your support.

* See more photos on our Facebook page: Photo album.

4. Parent Survey

As you know we really want to know what else we can do to make the school even better for us all. In the coming weeks a series of surveys and meetings will be launched to help us better understand what you want as parents. I want the very best for your children and I know you do too.



1. Squeezy glove play

The staff in Early Years have been inspiring the children this week with new exciting opportunities for learning. These opportunities came in the form of interesting areas set up around the rooms which sparked creativity and focused on skills development.


In F1, the children explored texture with iced painting, squeezy glove play and sand in the playdough.


In F2, the children were given the responsibility of accessing resources and making their own pizza role play area to develop language and number skills.

In F3, the children were fascinated by the light box story play following on from the “Where’s my Mummy?” story last week. They used their writing skills to further develop the characters and the story.


2. The Colour Monster

Throughout the term, Year 1 are focusing on emotions and emotional regulation through the book ‘The Colour Monster’. Last week the children began the book study by listening to the story and discussing how different emotions affected them. The classes made a big colour monster that is displayed in the classroom to remind them it is okay to have mixed emotions. In the coming weeks, the children will explore each emotion individually.

3. Vocabulary and anatomy

Year 2 enjoyed learning and grouping action words through games and comprehension activities. They showed great teamwork to group the words into different categories. They also showed excellent enquiry skills by researching different animal parts and comparing similarities and differences to the human body.

4. A magical portal

Year 3 are learning about the portal story “Khánh Ly và những chú khủng long”- which the main character, Khánh Ly finds a magical portal that transports her to a new world. They made dinosaur models, names and described them.



Year 4 enjoyed their entry point for the new topic ‘What’s on the Menu?’ They tested different foods and discussed the taste of the food. They decided whether it was spicy, salty, sweet, sour, umami or bitter. 🍓🍞🍬🍋Have a look at the fun they had!

6. Cosmonaut Pham Tuan

In Vietnamese, Year 5 are learning about the biography of cosmonaut Phạm Tuân. To better understand his life and achievements, the students teamed up as reporters and cosmonaut Phạm Tuân to conduct an interview.

7. Service-Learning

The Year 6 children had a great learning opportunity during this week’s service-learning trip to Forest Park. The students learned how to make compost for the soil and plants, an environmentally friendly insect repellent to protect the trees and flowers from too many bugs and scattering sawdust onto flower beds to help hold moisture, suppress weeds, and cool plant roots. It was a morning of hard-work and many of the students really embraced this opportunity to give back to the community which was wonderful to see.


1. School value GLOBAL CITIZEN

* Global Campus Activity Week

During Global Campus Activity Week, and our students have been engaging in activities focused around the Nord Anglia Social Development Goal Three: Health and Wellbeing. The students have been researching in form time about this goal and have been designing posters around it to upload and share on the Global Campus Wall to be shared with Nord Anglia students all across the world! below are some examples of the amazing posters uploaded by some of our students already:

The Vinh -Year 8


Tung Anh -Year 8


Bao Ngoc Khanh -Year 8


* Global Campus Writing Competition

Congratulations to the following internal school winners of the Global Campus Writing Competition:

  • Key Stage 3-Quang Huy Le-7I/Ba Lam Trinh-8B
  • Key Stage 4-Ngoc Long Hoang-10S
  • Key Stage 5-Nguyen Dinh Duy-12B

This year's competition required students to write a mythical creative writing piece based on a famous heritage site, landmark or feature.Mr. Sutherland (Head of English) and Mr. Ogden (Global Campus Lead) judged all of the entries and decided on the winners. The winning entries will now be entered into the Global rounds, where they will be judged alongside entries from Nord Anglia Schools all over the world.


2. School value ENQUIRY

Year 10 group work in the style of ink and watercolour illustrator Abby Diamond

Well done to the artists of the month and the student ambassadors for Art and Media, their work is exceptional!

3. School value GLOBAL CITIZEN

Students across the secondary celebrated Halloween by dressing up in costume.




Date  Time Location Invitee/participant Event
Nov 14 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Primary Library Parents PSHE Parent Workshop


Date  Time Location Invitee/participant Event
Nov 14 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM Secondary Auditorium Year 12 parents and students Year 12 PTC
Nov 17 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM PAC center Year 7 parents Academic Coffee Morning for Year 7 parents. Please register your attendence HERE - YEAR 7


We wish you all a very relaxing weekend.


Senior Leadership Team from BVIS Hanoi