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31 August, 2023

Weekly Updates on 31/08/2023

Every week, BVIS Hanoi's Senior Leadership Team sends out an article to parents to highlight news of the week. The article includes four sections: updates from our Principal, Head of Primary, Head of Secondary and upcoming events announcement.


Dear parents,

Another excellent week here at BVIS with staff and students now in full swing.


1. Recap of Community Run at BVIS Hanoi

As you know we take our community service responsibility very seriously and on Tuesday, we had our service learning Community Run.The Community Run was a great success, with all year groups up the whole school getting together and running (or walking) for fun. Some of the very grown up Secondary students acted as stewards, overseeing the fun run, guiding and encouraging the children as they ran.

Well done to everyone involved.

* Go to our Facebook page for more photos of BVIS Hanoi's amazing runners: click here.


2. Information sessions for parents

As part of our drive to ensure you are more informed about what your children are doing at school, we have run a series of information sessions over the last two weeks and we hope that you found these useful.




In the last seven days, the children and teachers have been diving deeper into learning. It is a pleasure to see how engaged they are in their lessons, how happy the atmosphere is on the playground, and how united we feel in assembly.


1. Early Years are settling in well

It was lovely to see the Early Years children becoming increasingly familiar with their environments this week. The F1 children and the new BVIS children are settling into new routines so well, demonstrating such resilience. The returning F2 & F3 children are adapting to new teachers, new friends and new classrooms demonstrating a growing maturity. Remember to check the Class Dojo for information on Self- Regulation in the Early Years.


2. Year 1 creating self-portraits

What a busy week year 1 have had. In class, the children were excited to create self- portraits using different materials and explore their new stories. 


3. Year 2 show and tell

Year 2 was very excited to have ‘show and tell’ activity in our classes this week. Children were very confident in sharing their holidays in the past and shared what they did in the different famous destinations. 


4. Year 3 locating rainforests

Year 3 have been learning about where rainforests are located in the world. They practiced their mapping skills by locating them on the world map using atlases.


5. Year 4 Talk for Writing

Year 4 are learning how to write narratives (stories) by retelling the story of “Hiccup the Viking”. They are learning this through acting, roleplaying, learning new vocabulary, and drawing a visual ‘story map’ to help them remember the structure.


6. Year 5 studying Carbon Emissions

Year 5 have learnt about carbon emissions. They plotted the graph of carbon emissions of the UK and Vietnam since 1900 and then compared the results.


7. Year 6 Invention Timelines

The Year 6 students have been learning about timelines. They were asked to look at inventions from different time periods and try to work out which period they were from, as well as which inventions they think are most valuable to people today. In Year 6, the students are being challenged to think critically about what the impact of a constantly developing world is, both the positive impacts and the negative ones. 




1. School value Enquiry – learning all about new techniques

In art this week we have been focusing on developing new techniques of baseline drawing. Year 7 have been drawing fish. Nam Anh was also Artist of the Week, well done!

 Year 10 ICGSE class had the tricky task of drawing skulls, very scary!

2. School value ENQUIRY and GLOBAL CITIZENS – Understanding cultures around the world through poetry

Here is some of the wonderful use of visualisers and technology in English. Year 10 studying Ted Hughes poetry and preparing for First Language English by looking at a collection diverse short stories.


3. School value VIETNAMESE PERSPECTIVE and REFLECTION – Secondary celebrate National Day

The Vietnamese Department worked with our students to deliver a fabulous assembly to celebrate National Day. It was informative, creative and fun for all the students and staff. Everyone enjoyed immensely and we all were able to reflect on Vietnamese history.

4. School value ENQUIRY and PERSERVERANCE– Discovering new topics

Year 11 in science, this week, have been learning all about nuclear physics. They have been challenged by Mr. Papa to demonstrate their knowledge on mini whiteboards. Well done year 11!


5. School value ENQUIRY – Learning through practical science

As part of their IGCSE curriculum our enthusiastic Year 11 students had the remarkable opportunity to dissect animal eyes. This not only deepened their understanding of the intricate structures within the eye but also allowed them to witness firsthand the wonders of vision. The students' curiosity and engagement during this dissection reflect their dedication to practical learning and their eagerness to unravel the mysteries of the natural world.


6. School value INTEGRITY – how technology impacts the world

This week all of KS3 have been engaged in their first lessons about what Digital Society is, before they then break off into different strands which review the ways technology has impacted the world and what is to come from this in the future. 


Primary school:

  • Meet the Teachers sessions for all parents: 5th September from 3:30pm – 4:30pm
  • STEAM workshop for Year 4 to Year 6 parents: 6th September from 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Parent Coffee Morning for Year 1 parents: 7th September from 8:45am –9:45am

Secondary school:

  • Blue Dragon Workshop for KS3: 5th September from 9:00am – 11:30am in the Secondary Library
  • Coffee Morning for Year 7 parents: 8 September from 8:45am - 9:45am in the Sixth Form Center
  • Secondary music rehearsals: From Monday 11th Sept, Every Monday and Wednesday 3-5pm in the PC hall, Sixth form center
  • Parent information evening KS5 Curriculum Explained: 7th September from 5:00pm – 6:00pm in the Secondary library


We wish you all a very happy public holiday, on the occasion of Vietnam Independence Day. School will reopen on Tuesday 5th September.


BVIS Hanoi's Senior Leadership Team