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01 September, 2017

Secondary Catering and Dining Hall

Secondary Catering and Dining Hall
Secondary Catering and Dining Hall

Secondary Catering and Dining Hall

One of the main areas for development is in catering.  Tastes are very individual and it is impossible to satisfy completely every palette.  That said, as a school we are committed to healthy food, nutritious and well presented, regardless of the section of the school.

There have been a number of important phases of development this summer.

Firstly, we switched caterers from Donkey Bakery to Epicure.  Epicure has a long history of school catering operations in South East Asia and has made a great start.  You can read more from them here in their linked article. We are in daily contact with the management of Epicure to ensure consistently high standards of taste and food preparation for the students.  Further work with the Student Council on tastings is also being planned, and I know that Mr Nick Lee would welcome regular feedback from the students on what is being offered.

In order to use the space more effectively, a soundproofed partition was added to divide the room.  All catering activities can now take place without interfering with other important school activities.  This necessitated moving the Audio Visual facilities and has now created a good open space for development in a later phase of the server conditions for the students.

New folding dining tables now make for a much quicker system for converting to the room in the need of space and also allow students to gather more socially with their friends during their lunch times.  The changes have been very well received so far by staff and students alike.

Phase 2 will see the installation of moveable retractable auditorium style-seating and soundproofing.  The seating will convert the space into a room for assemblies, concerts, seminars and presentations.  In conjunction with sound proofing the Void, as well as the interior space of the Dining Hall, this will serve the school community extremely well as we move forward.